Selking International Adapts Advertising Strategy & Drives More Leads with Dealer Spike Truck

Portland, OR, April 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Selking International's dealership website with Dealer Spike Truck

Selking International truck dealership lead increase with Dealer Spike Truck

The Selking family has been in business with International Trucks for over 70 years – so with good reason you might expect this successful multi-location truck empire to rely on what they know. Jill Rykard, Marketing and Finance Manager for the dealership group, has made sure that the company is at the top of their game in the ever-growing online business sector.

A vital first step in updating Selking International’s digital marketing strategy was leaving the company’s past website provider, TruckPaper, and starting a new website with Dealer Spike Truck. When the opportunity arose to update their website, it was something the team had been considering for a while. “The decision to switch was mainly because we would put in a request for a small change to the site, like an update to our hours, and it would seriously take over a month,” says Rykard. “We felt that our previous provider was not committed to making things easier for us.”

In March 2015 Selking International signed on with Dealer Spike Truck web solutions. It was a decision that took time but has ultimately been “awesome,” according to Rykard. “Our company is old, and the owners originally wanted to focus on advertising in a more traditional way. It was hard for us to adapt to the new ways of technology,” she explains. “But we’ve embraced this new way of communicating. The Selking brothers love the site, and we are very excited to have it!”

Selking International is composed of 9 locations, 6 of which are active dealerships while the other three are smaller service centers. Rykard and her team appreciate having one common place online to make general updates that apply to the whole company. Likewise, all of the dealership locations are attached to the same social media accounts, which helps Rykard send out a consistent message to customers. She recently added graphics to the homepage slideshow for her dealership group’s current promotion, 2.99% APR financing on DuraStar, which is running through the end of June.

Rykard is able to access her website’s homepage slideshow through the admin tool and easily update slides to promote Selking International’s latest events and promotions. She is a big fan of Dealer Spike’s user-friendly admin tool. “It’s great to be able to log right in and change things on the site myself,” Rykard says. “That has really been helpful since we switched to our new site. Before, we really had nothing on there because the process was just too difficult.”

When it comes down to it, the biggest advantage Selking International has seen with its Dealer Spike website is exactly what the digital advertising company guarantees – increased online leads and sales. “I am so impressed with the number of sales leads we’ve seen through forms like Trade Value Quote, Service Scheduling, and Parts Request/Finder,” Rykard says. “That was something we did not have on our old site, and it has made such a difference. We get a lot of action on our new website that we never saw before!”

Selking International saw a 400% increase in leads compared to its site with TruckPaper during the dealership’s first month fully live with Dealer Spike, in August 2015. Last month they saw a 1,150% increase in leads compared to March 2015 with their previous website.

About Dealer Spike

Dealer Spike is a digital advertising company focused on helping dealers increase sales through online advertising and training. We provide powerful, distinctive, results-driven web solutions and tools to thousands of dealers worldwide.

About Selking International

The Selking family began working with the International brand in 1940. Today there are 9 dealership locations in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan that offer truck sales, parts, service, lease and rental, mobile maintenance, and a body and paint shop. To this day, original owner Reinhard Selking’s four sons are involved in the ownership and day-to-day operations of the company. His son-in-law and five of his grandchildren are also Selking employees. 800.288.5917