Convey Redefines Content Delivery with ‘Platform as a Profit Center’ Solutions

ATLANTA, April 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Convey Services introduces Platform as a Profit Center (PaaPC™), an online solution that redefines cloud-based content and training delivery, turning a technology expense into a revenue generator. PaaPC is designed for organizations that have an audience that will pay for content or training, or have suppliers that want access to sales agents and revenue producers who need information about products and services. Convey hosts and delivers content, training, promotions and events allowing multiple individuals or groups to update the platform. PaaPC solutions reduce or eliminate the cost of deploying online content and training delivery or generate profit through the sale of catalog subscriptions, memberships, advertising, content or training.

“Convey’s Platform as a Profit Center is ideal for distributors, dealers or master agencies in markets where suppliers and vendors pay to promote themselves to, educate and engage revenue producers,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey. “Suppliers upload content, training and events to the platform, add promotional graphics, create calls to action and form direct relationships with agents and sales partners. In addition to channel sales groups, other key market verticals that have a defined audience can use Platform as a Profit Center to market memberships, advertising and online subscriptions.”

“Platform as a Profit Center doesn't just automate content and training delivery, it saves everyone time, increases productivity and improves interactions between the supplier and reseller,” Bradfield added. “In the foodservice industry, our first PaaPC improved the efficiency of district sales representatives, helped them better serve the restaurant operator and generated marketing dollars for category management.”

Convey collapses the time-to-value, reducing the risk and high cost of developing a custom software solution and eliminating long lead times to launch a platform. PaaPC solutions empower channel sales groups to grow and expand vendor relationships, keeping vital information needed to drive sales organized in a single online location. Analytics and reporting track activity and engagement, allowing site owners and suppliers to evaluate the ROI on their strategy and messaging. Convey features a robust ecommerce engine to manage credit card transactions, track revenue and disburse funds to multiple stakeholders. Convey offers wholesale and licensing agreements for companies that want to directly invoice suppliers and vendors that have access to the platform.

About Convey
Convey is a cloud-based platform that hosts and delivers content, training & events and generates revenue from subscriptions, purchases or advertising. Convey Channel Programs connect suppliers to revenue producers in indirect distribution channels providing access to product information and training, creating calls to action and driving revenue. Convey’s Platform as a Profit Center (PaaPC™) generates revenue from supplier subscriptions, membership fees, advertising and ecommerce. Cloud Conventions™ are virtual expos managed entirely on the Convey platform. Unlike traditional trade shows, a Cloud Convention is easy and inexpensive to manage, can run for any length of time, requires no travel and can be attended 24/7.

Convey launched its first Channel Program in 2014 to master agents and their suppliers in the telecommunications and cloud industry and then to insurance master agency networks. Platform as a Profit Center (PaaPC) launched to the foodservice industry in 2015. The first Cloud Conventions Virtual Expo was held in March 2016 in the telecommunications and cloud space. Licensing opportunities are available in select vertical markets. For information visit, or call 888-975-1382.

Press Contact: Bruce Ahern — (770) 580-0810

Source: Convey Services