EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. Addresses Visually-Related Learning Problems

NORTH LIMA, Ohio, May 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vision therapy can improve performance and build confidence for those with visually-related learning problems, reports EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. Children with untreated vision-related problems, including coordinating vision with balance, poor eye tracking ability, and problems focusing on material at near distances, can experience frustration with reading, academic tasks and develop a poor attitude toward school due to stress. A full vision exam, followed with a developmental vision work-up, can diagnose existing conditions, and a full program of vision therapy can turn around student performance and attitude. Patients can avail themselves of a developmental work-up and vision therapy program at EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr.

Jacob, a second grader who struggled with learning problems, is such a case recently treated at EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. Reading was the most challenging area for him, and he was thought to be dyslexic. For Jacob, school became frustrating and he grew increasingly anxious. After a full developmental work-up, he was found to have a visually-related learning problem, despite having 20/20 vision. Eye tracking, vision coordination and sustained focus were all problematic areas for Jacob. Prescribed eyewear and a program of 24 office therapy visits helped Jacob become more confident and progress substantially in the area of reading.

“Jacob had a very difficult time in school with reading,” said Jacob’s mother. “At the beginning of the school year he was two grade levels behind in reading. He really disliked reading because it was so difficult for him. By the end of the school year, Jacob was reading at the current grade level. He developed much more confidence at school. Jacob began to enjoy reading and would be excited to get new books and read them at home in his free time. Vision Therapy has been a wonderful, positive experience for Jacob!”

“Children do not have to suffer needlessly with a visually-related learning problem and inaccurate diagnosis,” shared Dr. Joseph M. Pederzolli. “It is thoroughly possible to improve academic performance and a child’s self-esteem with a tailored vision therapy program that addresses their unique needs. In as little as 24 visits, patients can make substantial gains with the assistance of the experts at EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr.”

Dr. Joseph M. Pederzolli offers optometry services and specialized eye care to residents of North Lima and the surrounding communities. EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. offers a wide range of personalized eye care services and a focus on vision therapy. Patients of all ages can benefit from optimizing their vision with effective vision therapy tools and techniques.

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