PetVax Complete Care Centers Offers Pet Owners Affordable New Senior Pet Wellness Programs

MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pets owners can afford to provide the care that senior pets require with Senior Pet Wellness Programs. The new senior pet wellness programs can offer clients savings approaching $100. Aging pets require special attention to their changing needs. PetVax senior pet wellness programs manage age-related conditions before a pet’s well-being becomes seriously compromised. Senior pets, or those 7 years of age or older, can live a healthy lifestyle with proper care. Responsible pet owners benefit from senior pet wellness programs to improve the well-being of their beloved pets, reducing the possibility of serious illness or other preventable conditions.

As pets age, there are behaviors that may change and owners would do well to address them. Senior pets, in general, become less responsive to external stimuli and their senses may dull. They may also move slower and even experience pain with certain movements. Similar to people, pets can experience arthritis and joint problems, making it painful to walk up stairs, play fetch or jump into a car. Owners cannot see the internal changes that are happening, making it important to bring pets in for annual exams as part of their senior pet health care. The senior pet wellness programs include a senior diagnostic panel, an annual exam and nutritional counseling. Early identification of common disorders with adjustments to changing dietary requirements can help to manage and address concerns of aging pets. Senior pet wellness programs make it easy for owners to maintain the health of their pet over their lifespan.

“Responsible pet owners should realize that senior pets have different requirements and may change their behaviors,” said Dr. Kevin Frazier. “As an experienced veterinarian, I can testify that regular exams and meeting the dietary needs of senior pets help them to live healthier and longer lives. Our senior pet wellness programs are affordable and we provide education to pet owners on the unique requirements of aging pets. Our veterinarians partner with pet owners to address early signs of a serious pet condition and can help maintain a cherished animal’s health. Senior pets can enjoy healthier and longer lives with owners. Pet owners place senior pets at greater risk of common diseases without taking them for regular exams, providing proper nutrition for their changing needs and going for diagnostic testing.”

Dr. Kevin Frazier is a practicing veterinarian part of the team at PetVax Complete Care Centers, serving owners and pets in East Memphis, Germantown, Bartlett, Raines and Cordova. Their full service animal hospital offers affordable quality care for all patients.

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Source: PetVax Complete Care Centers