RevolutionEYES Offers Advanced Eye Treatment Relief for Dry Eyes

CARMEL, Ind., May 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New testing equipment, protocol and products positively impact efficacy of dry eye treatments, reports RevolutionEYES. This Carmel clinic uses innovative technologies and the latest proven protocols and products to help patients experience desired measures of dry eye relief. Patients avail themselves of BlephEx, high quality preservative free artificial tears, Dry Eye specific neutracudicals, lid scrubs and omega-3 vitamins. Dr. Jeremy Ciano and Dr. Katherine Schuetz are innovative leaders in effective eye care treatment. These experienced doctors take dry eye issues seriously at RevolutionEYES.

According to the American Optometric Association, dry eye is a condition wherein individuals lack a sufficient amount of quality tears for eye lubrication and nourishment. Dry eye is a common and often chronic condition frequently found in older adults. Tears maintain the health of the front surface of eyes and are necessary for clear vision. In essence, dry eyes happen when there is an imbalance between tear production and drainage. The amount and quality of tears can lead to dry eyes. Individuals with dry eyes can experience gritty, irritated, burning or scratchy eyes, excess watering and blurred vision. As dry eyes advance, the condition can damage the surface of the eye leading to impaired vision.

Cutting-edge testing technology and products are available at RevolutionEYES to address dry eyes. Their recent product addition is BlephEx, a mild lid-gland exfoliator that improves tear film quality. The exfoliator helps reduce the gritty feeling often experienced by patients with dry eyes. Lubricating eye drops supplement patients’ natural tears with quality lubrication in order to maintain good eye health and reduce blurriness and discomfort. Dry Eye specific neutracudicals and omega-3 vitamins, teamed with lid scrubs, combat dry eyes internally and externally respectively. The latest technology provides accurate testing and informs patients of any progression in their dry eye condition.

“We care about the vision and comfort of our patients,” said Dr. Jeremy Ciano. “As an experienced optometrist, I want my patients to clearly and comfortably see the world around them and RevolutionEYES uses the latest technology and products in the treatment of dry eyes. Our knowledgeable staff works with patients to effectively address their dry eye condition.”

Dr. Jeremy Ciano and Dr. Katherine Schuetz offer their expertise to the residents of Carmel and surrounding communities. Patients take advantage of their extensive experience and innovative technologies at RevolutionEYES. This Carmel clinic emphasizes the importance of professional care, personal attention, and is continuously advancing the treatment of dry eye. Patients receive the benefits of cutting-edge technology, proven products and protocol as part of the optometry services at RevolutionEYES.

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