Sevigny & Associates Eye Care Warns About Dangers of Blue Light, Offers Protective Solutions

WAUCHULA, Fla., May 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Local optometrist, Sevigny & Associates Eye Care, is alerting residents about the increasing dangers of eye issues caused by blue light in our technology-driven world. They also offer a suite of helpful tips and solutions for keeping eyes safe. Sevigny & Associates Eye Care serves the Wauchula, Arcadia and Sebring areas, along with surrounding Florida communities.

The light that surrounds us all is far more complex than most people realize. Sunlight contains invisible rays that can be damaging to the skin and eyes. Blue rays, for example, have shorter wavelengths and give off potent energy. They are opposite of infrared rays, which have a warming effect.

Like UV radiation, blue light can have both benefits and downsides. Sunlight is its main source, but it also emanates from many man-made devices. Some of the main culprits are fluorescent lights, LED lighting, computers, smartphones, tablets and flat-screen televisions.

More potent blue rays of light, sometimes referred to as blue-violet light or violet light, do not emit heat, but they can contribute to eye strain and other vision issues. Around one-third of all visible light is blue light.

Electronic devices emit a large amount of blue light. The fact that people are spending increasing amounts of time in front of these screens is highly problematic. It is causing concern for many optometrists, including the doctors at Sevigny & Associates Eye Care.

Dr. Mark Sevigny explains, “While the amount of blue light emitted by electronic devices is just a fraction of what is given off by the sun, the amount of time many people spend in front of these devices compounds the issue. We are very concerned about the possible long-term negative effects of blue light exposure and encourage our clients to take action.”

Blue light has been linked with increased eye strain as well as the risk of macular degeneration, which can eventually lead to vision loss. The eye is not effective at blocking blue light on its own, and this makes getting protection crucial. Protection from blue light is even more important after having eye issues such as cataracts or eye surgery.

Fortunately, blue light blocking technology can be added as a coating to eyeglass lenses. Sevigny & Associates Eye Care offers the highly regarded Crizal® Prevencia™ lenses, the first clear lenses to protect eyes from harmful UV and blue-violet light while allowing essential light in and facilitating optimal vision. These lenses are engineered for durability and Sevigny & Associates Eye Care can help you figure out which lens coating will be the most beneficial for you and your lifestyle.

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