ESI Advances HDI Via Drilling Solutions Portfolio in Asia Pacific

PORTLAND, Ore., May 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:ESIO), an innovator of laser-based manufacturing solutions for the micromachining industry, today announced that its nViant™ laser processing system has secured multiple customer placements in the high density interconnect (HDI) and substrate processing segments.

With global smartphone sales expected to grow by only seven percent in 2016 (Gartner), component manufacturers are under increasing market pressure to deliver advanced technology on smaller form factors, at reduced production costs. The placement of nViant™ systems demonstrates the Asian electronics manufacturing community’s increasing acceptance of the superior manufacturing capabilities and greater flexibility that laser-based tools deliver.

“We are beginning to gain traction in the HDI and substrate manufacturing segments,” said Dr. Michael Darwin, Vice President and General Manager of ESI’s Component Processing Division. “These placements show good progress on our strategy to expand ESI’s via drilling portfolio in the printed circuit board and substrate markets.”

Demand in the smartphone and IoT markets is driving the need for miniaturization, while maintaining or increasing device functionality, all at the lowest possible cost. In order to take advantage of such trends, manufacturers are increasingly utilizing laser-based machining to either reduce the size of -- or increase the density of -- relevant features such as HDI microvias. The nViant™ system possesses the accuracy and throughput required to meet these new market needs, while doing so at the lowest possible cost of ownership as compared to other like equipment. As orders for emerging technologies increase, manufacturers with laser-based micromachining capabilities will be better equipped to address complex engineering and design specifications dictated by such product requirements as being bendable, stretchable, and reliable and accommodating a higher level of component density. A system like nViant™ is necessary to deliver circuitry that works within these evolving constraints, while also serving the immediate PCB and substrate processing requirements for today.

“nViant™ helps customers optimize their manufacturing capabilities to create interconnected solutions and deliver the next generation of circuitry,” said Dr. Darwin. ESI remains deeply committed to its customers’ success by providing direct engineering field support to drive continuous improvement and rapid technology advancement. Despite global market pressures and fierce competition, the company and Darwin are optimistic that these placements represent pivotal opportunities to demonstrate ESI’s strength as an innovation partner in the APAC region.

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