McDonald's garlic fries sold out in San Francisco

All-day breakfast isn't the only popular menu item at McDonald's.

The chains "Gilroy Garlic Fries," a limited-time menu item in the San Francisco Bay Area, have sold out.

"In less than two weeks, our small, four restaurant test of Gilroy Garlic Fries has been a huge success, and we are now experiencing a temporary shortage of supplies," McDonald's told CNBC.

The Golden Arches, which amped up its french fries in four locations in San Francisco in late April, expects to be restocked in a few weeks.

The made to order fries are tossed with a puree mix of garlic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, parsley and salt.

If successful in this small test market, McDonald's will make the specialty fries available in around 250 restaurants throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Golden Arches are no stranger to trial runs of potential menu items.

Some 125 stores in Milwaukee are slated to sell Johnsonville Brats for a limited time, seven years after discontinuing the sausages in chains.

The burger giant is also testing out smaller and larger Big Macs in Texas and Ohio restaurants. The Grand Mac is an attempt to compete with chains like Smashburger and Five Guys that serve larger burgers, while the Mac Jr. is simply easier to eat on the go, according to The Street.

In addition, McDonald's will host a limited-time all-you-can eat french fry promotion during the grand opening of its new location in Missouri this July.