Tech gifts for Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8, and one question lingers on the minds of many: What should I get her?

There's always a bouquet of peonies and a card, but rather than giving her something she is going to end up sticking in a drawer, take the opportunity this Mother's Day to indulge her with some new tech that will make her life a little easier.

Whether your mother is a tech addict — the first person who double taps your Instagram picture — or can't turn on her iPad without assistance, there's something that will suit her. These devices and accessories are easy enough to use and offer simple solutions to going about her life.

For the mom who forgets to charge her phone

Is mom's phone always running out of juice? Extend her phone's battery life while on-the-go with the compact Back Me Up! Mobile Charger. This backup charger not only gives hours of extra life; its cheerful choice of exteriors also perk up what would otherwise have been a dark moment. The device works with the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6/6 Plus models, and can take a dying phone from fading-to-black all the way to 80 percent charged.

It sells for $30 through

Back Me Up! Portable iPhone charger
Source: Amazon

Another integration of technology and fashion is the Everpurse x Kate Spade New York, which will not only house mom's iPhone stylishly, it'll charge it too. When you're wire-free and on the go, the phone battery should last two days for a typical iPhone user.

The bags have the ability to charge iPhones, including all models from iPhone 5 through the iPhone 6 Plus. The dual-purpose accessory rests on a charging mat, which sends energy wirelessly into a battery inside. The handbag line ranges in price from $198 and $698, and is available through and

For the green thumb

For the mother who likes to garden, the Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden essentially takes care of the plant's every need. The Click & Grow technology enables mom to grow three herbs simultaneously and takes out the unpredictability of indoor gardening. Now mom can plant her favorite herbs, fruits and flowers with little effort. Just plug it in, fill with water and let the garden do the work for her.

The $59.99 Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit includes a garden and three basil refills.

For the mobile mom

This is the ultimate accessory for setting up a mobile office anywhere, at any time. Help her master the art of multitasking with Samsung's newest 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet, which combines a tablet and a laptop. Mom can use the TabPro S to work on-the-go, easily check work emails (with a full-size keyboard), surf the web and even update her Facebook status once you give her the gift. The 12-inch touchscreen is big enough to serve as a fully functional mobile office with hundreds of thousands of apps right at her fingertips. The Galaxy TabPro S starts at $899.99.

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For the mother who deserves some pampering

Mom takes care of everything, but sometimes she barely has time for herself. With the MatchCo app, she can spend less time getting gorgeous. In under two minutes, the app will analyze her skin tone and custom-create the perfect foundation. Through the app mom can also see how her skin changes over time and get personalized dermatological and makeup tips tailored to her skin needs from MatchCo experts.

Each bottle goes for $49 and comes customized, printed with mom's name and the date of the initial scan.

For the mom who is always on the go

Want to stop mom from having to look at her phone 100+ times an hour? The new edition of the Samsung Gear S2 classic watch will give mom options to express her style while staying connected. She can receive texts, calls and emails from her wrist. The $450 Gear S2 Classic is available in Rose Gold and Platinum.

Samsung Gear S2 classic watch
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While there are many fitness trackers to choose from, with sleek designs and bright colors, the Mira smart bracelet is an affordable, stylish fitness tracker that blends in nicely with mom's regular jewelry. The unit itself also pops out to clip onto jackets, belts and pockets, and the accompanying iPhone/Android app delivers motivational messages — known as "boosts" — throughout the day.

The $169 tracker has an OLED display so mom can check the basics like tracking steps, calories, elevation and distance all on the go.

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For the fashion forward

Now you don't need to worry about mom missing an important message from you because her phone was hidden in the bottom of her purse. Ringly is a "smart jewelry" Bluetooth-enabled notification ring that connects to mom's phone and keeps her in the loop about incoming texts, calls and emails.

With five different light-up colors and four vibration patterns, the ring and its accompanying app can be set to get the notifications Mom wants from the apps that are most important to her. The ring could light up one color when her Uber arrives and another when you comment on her latest Facebook photo, for example.

The fashionable and functional ring is attractive enough to be worn as, well, jewelry, and comes in a range of semiprecious stones from Emerald to Sapphire, ranging from $195 to $260, depending on the type of stone used.

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Upgrade your mom's chic style with the Get Smart Clutch by Kotur. It redefines the modern clutch by being the first patent-pending custom clutch to incorporate smartphone design into its hardware. Mom can pack all the essentials of a modern woman (credit cards, cash, lipstick, of course her smartphone) while maintaining her elegant flair. The plated brass handbag features a unique magnetic flip so mom can still take pictures from both front and rear camera.

The #Getsmartbag (yes, it's name is a hashtag) is available in 23 different colors and styles including snakeskin, embossed croc/stripe and Swarovski crystals with an option for online customization. It is offered in a variety of hardware options such as gold, nickel and gunmetal. The bag works with iPhone 6/5/5S/SE and prices range from $395 to $795 for certain styles.

For the mom who loves to entertain

Overcooking is so 2015. While mom is used to the Crock-Pot, it's time to introduce her to sous-vide — this generation's slow-cooking. Once the best-kept secret of professional chefs, sous-vide (a cooking method that suspends vacuum-sealed ingredients in a water bath that's held to a precise temperature) cooking is now available for her kitchen.

The Anova Precision Cooker circulates water around the pot. The circulation brings food to a very precise temperature so food never overcooks.

Anova Precision Cooker
Source: Anova

The Precision Cooker comes with Wi-Fi and through its app makes it even easier to cook the perfect meal. Now mom can spend more time entertaining your dinner party guests, enjoying time with your family or even catching up on some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

For the wine connoisseur, Aervana takes wine tasting to a whole new level. The electric wine aerator is designed to leave sediment in the bottom of the bottle, instead of your glass. Now mom can enjoy the enhanced aromas and flavors of wine instantly, with a simple push of a button.

While you're at it, remember to pick out a wine that's a good candidate for aeration — young, tight, tannic reds showcase beautifully. Mom will love you for that too. The Aervana Electric Wine Aerator retails at $100.

For the sentimental mom

Chatbooks is a modern take on scrapbooks for millennial moms. It's the automatic service that turns digital photos into fun-size photo books. The easy-to-use app and website allow users to get the photos they've already taken from their phones and posted on their social platforms, and print them in 6x6-inch volumes. So now that Instagram feed with baby's first steps and first trip to the zoo has a place to live other than on the iPhone. Prices start at $6 for a 60-page volume, and you can go up to 300 pages.

Moms and picture-taking go hand-in-hand. The Polaroid 600 Square Camera with Impossible Film is the perfect instant camera for a mom who wants to start making original instant photos. This camera has a classic boxy design and is fun and easy to use, with an automatic flash and simple controls for adjusting exposure levels. It has been carefully refurbished and fitted with a new Impossible frog tongue to shield photos as they exit the camera. The Polaroid 600 Square Camera is available through and retails for $130.