The Power Brief

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A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-Stock futures are higher, mostly thanks to a big rebound in oil prices. Weekly jobless figures come out at 830 Eastern.

-Going along with manufacturing, China's service sector slowed in April too.

-Investor David Einhorn has made a big bet on GM and a big bet against Caterpillar.


-WTI crude oil is up about 3% right now on the continuing Canadian oil sands fire and more violence in Libya.

-Gasoline prices held steady at $2.22/gallon, national average.


-So much for Donald Trump's boasts that he doesn't need or want our money. Faced with a potential $1 billion price tag to run in the general election, the Trump campaign is now seeking donations.

-Hillary Clinton may be forced to testify under oath in a deposition about her email server.

-Silicon Valley Republicans are horrified by Donald Trump, but far from being comfortable supporting Hillary Clinton. They're stuck.

-China is worried about the chances of a Trump victory in the general election and is asking Americans to be objective and rational about the relationship between the two countries.

-Investor Jeffrey Gundlach says Donald Trump will win in November.


-With Obamacare coverage costs soaring and not enough healthy young people paying into the system, big insurers are asking the government to boost premiums by large amounts.

-California has raised the legal smoking age to 21.

-A robot has outperformed a human surgeon in soft tissue surgery.


-Watch Tesla shares as they popped 4% higher after hours in reaction to a smaller loss than expected and good production news.


-Tribune Publishing is rejecting Gannett's unsolicited takeover bid.


-US gun sales, and the background checks that preceded them, broke records in April for the 12th month in a row.


-Russia is vowing to increase its troops in Eastern Europe in response to the NATO buildup there that was in response to Russian aggression in the first place.

-Pres. Obama wants Israel to use all of its military aid money to buy US-made defense products. That's in contrast to the 25% of the money now used to buy Israeli-made defense tech.