Donald Trump: There's a 40% chance I'd pick my VP from former GOP rivals

Trump: 40% chance my VP will be a GOP rival

Donald Trump told CNBC Thursday he'd give about 40 percent odds on picking his vice president from the pool of his former rivals.

Trump told "Squawk Box" in a wide-ranging phone interview he prefers to choose a running mate with government experience.

"I'm a business person. And I've got that covered," he said. "But [in] the political world — although I've been in politics all my life in a different sense on the other side — I think having somebody that can get legislation though, and help me with that, would be good."

Trump said he has a good relationship with John Kasich, but the Ohio governor, the last to drop out of the race, is unlikely to be his VP choice. "I not sure John even wants it."

The top criteria for a running mate, according to Trump: Are they able to be president in the event something happens. "After that, it's really a question of rapport. I think rapport is very important."

Trump's remaining two rivals — Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — dropped out of the race this week after their poor showings Tuesday in Indiana's primary.

Asked about Sen. Jeff Sessions, who has endorsed Trump, he replied that the Alabama Republican would make a "good anything."

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