Cramer: The only part of the natural gas industry I like

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed: "I think the cloud is for real. We know that the cloud adoption has accelerated if anything, and I'm going to stick by Marc Benioff [CEO] and"

Depomed: "It is way too hard for this guy. Don't know if it is happening or not."

Praxair: "I think I like it. I like that part of the gas industry. Remember, that's chemical gas."

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Oracle: "I think Oracle under $40 is a buy. It's very inexpensive and I don't mind owning an inexpensive stock here."

Harman International Industries: "They had a not-great quarter. Harman is a really good company, but you know what, they are stuck with some foreign exposure that's not that good. I would stick by Harman ... I believe in the company still ... Hold it, just hold it."

Denbury Resources: "No. That is way too speculative. If anything, I am a seller of Denbury."

Illumina: "My charitable trust owns Thermo Fisher. I think they are the winner in that war between the two, and I would sell Illumina."

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