BasX Solutions Acquires Seasons 4 Clean Room Product Line

REDMOND, Ore., May 09, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On April 28, 2016, BasX Solutions completed its acquisition of the Clean Room Product Line from Seasons 4. The acquisition will bring BasX co-founder and CEO Dave Benson full circle, having been heavily involved in cleanroom design, manufacturing and operation since the 1980s.

“Seasons 4 has been providing high quality HVAC products to the clean room industry for some time and BasX is excited to continue their path of excellence under our brand name,” said Dave Benson, CEO and co-founder of BasX. “The team at BasX has a long lineage in the clean room industry and we feel quite at home with this acquisition. I personally look forward to reconnecting with many colleagues from over the past three decades.”

The BasX team is comprised of experts in HVAC design, fan technology, electrical and controls design and structural engineering. “We have been focused on innovation through multidisciplinary product development,” said Dr. Matt Tobolski, PhD, SE, President and co-founder of BasX. “Since founding BasX, we have excelled in the development of modular products that integrate HVAC systems, control technology and efficient structural design. This expertise is fully aligned with the needs of the clean room industry and I look forward to continuing the legacy of excellence created by the Seasons 4 team.”

BasX’s acquisition of Season 4’s Clean Room Product Line includes all technology, intellectual property, inventory and equipment associated with the manufacturing and design of: ceiling systems, plenum modules, fan powered plenum modules, fan filter units, recirculation air handlers and make up air handlers. Additionally, the acquisition includes key members of the Seasons 4 clean room group, including industry veteran Richard Spradling who will join BasX as the Director of Clean Room Sales.

All existing contracts with Seasons 4 for clean room products will be completed by Seasons 4 at their Georgia manufacturing facility. New projects will be designed and manufactured by BasX at their Redmond, OR headquarters. BasX will maintain a clean room sales location on the east coast in addition to the Oregon headquarters and California sales office. Seasons 4 will continue to manufacture its custom new and replacement HVAC product lines.

About BasX Solutions

Focused on continued innovation and product development, BasX Solutions is a manufacturer of custom engineered products including: modular systems, HVAC solutions, premanufactured structural systems and OEM products. Co-Founded by HVAC industry icon Dave Benson and structural expert Dr. Matt Tobolski, BasX has seen exceptional growth through disciplined focus on delivering quality products on time and on budget.

About Seasons 4

Exceeding expectations since 1971, Seasons 4 has been providing custom HVAC systems for supermarkets, schools, hospitals, commercial and office buildings, government facilities, manufacturing facilities and other applications. The Seasons 4 systems provide superior performance and quality. They offer systems for new construction and replacement, each engineered for specific project performance requirements.

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