Debunking 3 big myths about Social Security

Three big Social Security myths dispelled

Let's face it, Social Security can be confusing.

Trying to determine when to collect. Calculating how much you'll get if you claim early or wait. And figuring out the ins and outs of spousal benefits.

When it comes to Social Security, what you don't know can definitely cost you. The decisions you make on when to file could potentially result in tens of thousands of extra dollars in your pocket during those golden years.

Yet a recent survey by insurance company Mass Mutual found its respondents were mostly clueless about the system. Only 28 percent received a passing grade after answering a series of true or false questions about this key source of income for many retirees.

In addition, just 8 percent considered themselves knowledgeable when asked about their comfort level with the program.

To make sure you get the most out of every check, here's the truth about three common Social Security myths.