Need Auto Website Traffic? Autobytel Offers These Helpful Tips.

IRVINE, Calif., May 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In light of recent search engine ad layout changes on desktop search results, and automotive industry concerns surrounding these changes, Autobytel recently outlined best practices to help dealers and manufacturers reach qualified car buying traffic and to drive clicks and conversions.

“While search engines and social media channels are good sources of automotive website traffic, there are plenty of things marketers can do to optimize their processes and reach high quality, low funnel consumers while they are actively researching their next vehicle purchase,” said Mindy Howe, Senior Director, Strategic Accounts at Autobytel Inc. “Quite frankly, these are tactics automotive marketers should have been employing all along.”

Howe outlined some of these best practices below.

Best Practice #1: Advertise at the right websites.

If you really want to reach serious car buyers, advertise where millions of serious car buyers are actively researching and comparing vehicles – at trusted auto publisher sites or sites within qualified publisher networks that have proven track records of delivering low-funnel, high converting traffic. When you have a presence at these sites, you have the opportunity to influence purchase decisions as they are being formed.

Best Practice #2: Customization is key.

Even though millions of serious car shoppers visit automotive websites every month, many don’t become leads. They may be ready to buy a car, but they haven’t yet completed the research process. Advertising that doesn’t target particular makes and models of interest, or the geographic location in which a person is located, is missing the boat.

To fully engage consumers and turn shoppers into buyers, be sure your offers cater to the vehicles of interest and to a person’s market area for maximum effect. Take advantage of custom solutions that allow marketers to use their own images, logos, ad copy, vanity URLs, and destination URLs to really turn up the volume on digital marketing campaigns.

Best Practice #3: Be relevant.

Develop and manage a strong ad ranking by choosing keywords that are most relevant to you, and be sure to check the Quality Score of your keywords, your campaign, your ad groups, and the ads you’ve developed. Also, ensure that your keywords are relevant to your customers, your ads, and the URL of the landing page to which you are directing traffic. Don’t forget that the best geo-targeted campaigns drive people to the locations where you are most successful at selling.

Best Practice #4: Link to the right content.

Drive car buyers to the right areas of your website where your greatest chances of shopping and conversions occur, such as Search Results Pages that tend to offer better Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

By driving consumers too deeply into your website, you hurt your chances of conversions by limiting the consumer’s research options. If a customer is looking for a truck and you give them the option to find the truck they love instead of pushing them to a white truck they don’t love, you increase the likelihood of keeping that customer at your site and ultimately in your vehicles. Give consumers a chance to fully explore your content.

Best Practice #5: Focus on measurement.

To fully manage the effectiveness of your advertising partners, make sure you have a firm grasp of your KPIs. These include Click Thru Rates, Time on Site, Bounce Rates, and Lead Conversions. Understanding the metrics, and what your advertising is doing for your business, is key to maximizing efficiency and return on investment.

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