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SAN JOSE, Calif., May 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vapir Enterprises, Inc. (OTCQB:VAPI) ( (“Vapir” or the “Company”), a developer and manufacturer of revolutionary, state-of-the-art, and user friendly vaporization devices, announces new affiliate partnership with renowned online publication

“Our vision for Quit Smoking Community is to provide a hub where visitors can access information regarding quitting smoking, as well as download resources and tools to help them begin and complete their quit journey. Our website currently receives over 10,000 visitors per day from around the world, and we hope to bring people of different races and nationalities together in the fight against tobacco. We’re thrilled to have Vapir as a partner in this effort, and will aggressively evangelize the benefits of vaporizing over smoking,” said Kentaro Roy, President,

As an affiliate of Vapir, will promote sales of Vapir vaporizers to their vast readership community who are trying to quit smoking; vaporizers being a healthier alternative to dangerous nicotine cigarettes.

“With our vaporization technology, we’re poised to provide a healthier alternative to those who want to quit smoking. It is paramount that we socialize the negative effects of smoking to the world, and partnering with provides us with that platform,” said Hamid Emarlou, CEO, Vapir Enterprises, Inc.


Quit Smoking Community is an organization that’s goal is to build a community where smokers work with other smokers to quit together, while ex-smokers give them encouragement and advice. Quit Smoking Community is a virtual community that offers support and information for those trying to kick the deadliest habit in the world. In the works is a free program called The 100 Hour Challenge. It's based on the concept that the worst parts of nicotine withdrawal only last for about 4 days, or about 100 hours. Once smokers sign up, they will be asked write a short pledge to quit smoking, and then start the countdown whenever their quit date is.

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Vapir Enterprises invents, develops, and manufactures revolutionary, state-of-the-art and user friendly vaporization devices. In utilizing its various issued and pending patents, the Company’s vaporizers extract active ingredients from source material by a unique and proprietary process, delivering high quality natural vapor for the best user experience. Vapir has sold of thousands of units globally since its initial launch in 2006. Learn more at

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