Mark Cuban: Trump supporters don’t care about the issues

Mark Cuban: Trump deserves credit
Mark Cuban: Trump deserves credit

Donald Trump doesn't have to take a position on the issues because his supporters simply don't care about them, Mark Cuban said Tuesday.

According to Cuban, Trump has inspired his supporters not with what he has said, but how he has said it.

"They're not coming out to the polls in record numbers because they like his position on any particular issue. They're coming out because they're trying to send a message. They're sending a message that things have got to change and the one candidate that we think introduces change, particularly if you're on the right, is Donald Trump," he told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street."

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Cuban reiterated his belief that Trump has become the "Seinfeld candidate" and must run "a candidacy about nothing," he said, referring to the TV show.

"I think he really has to avoid the issues and that could be a real problem long term," he said.

Cuban said he did not believe there was a spot for him in Trump's Cabinet if he were elected president. Cuban said he thinks Trump is smart enough to surround himself with people who are different from him, such as traditional politicians.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Cuban added that he is more interested in what Hillary Clinton does in the coming months.

"Forget Donald Trump asking me to be vice president or whatever. Imagine if Hillary brought me or brought somebody like me in and went more to the center and became more business friendly. It could change the entire tenor of the race," Cuban said.

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