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Preston Granger and his wife, Lisa, left their corporate jobs in 1990 to do what they love most: play pool.
Source: American Poolplayers Association
Preston Granger and his wife, Lisa, left their corporate jobs in 1990 to do what they love most: play pool.
Description: Organized league system for amateur pool players
Owners: Preston and Lisa Granger
Years in business: 26
No. of franchises owned: 11
Start-up costs: $16,704 to $19,874
Franchisor fees: $2.50 per player, depending on fee structure
2015 revenue, 2016 projection: $580,000, similar range expected in 2016
2016 projected annual growth rate: Flat

Preston Granger purchased his first American Poolplayer's Association franchise in 1990 for one simple reason: He loves the game of pool. The business allows franchisees to organize and schedule weekly amateur pool games for men and women 18 years and older. The teams — made up of eight players — pick the night they want to play each week and pay a fee to the franchisee for every game (about $7 per player). Preston and his wife, Lisa, who joined the business 15 years ago, were both in corporate jobs, but Preston — who was a supervisor for Rite Aid drugstores near Acadiana, Louisiana— relished the idea of working for himself. With prior management experience, he decided to take the plunge and bought his first American Poolplayer's Association franchise.

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The couple now own 11 territories comprised of 700 teams in the Acadiana area and say they've built the business over the years by delivering the best customer service possible. That, and good word of mouth, said Preston, is what keeps customers coming back. But his biggest challenge, he claimed, is trying to find the right people to work in their business.

"The APA is a fun and exciting business for the person who has an interest in the pool industry," he said. "You meet lots of great people, and the harder you work at building teams, the more fulfilled you feel. It's a great feeling of accomplishment, and it's a career that I will have until I retire."

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