CNBC Transcript: Interview with Tania Bryer and

Following are excerpts from a CNBC interview with Tania Bryer and Will.I.Am.

TB: I need a night out - so I've come to the Royal Albert Hall where there are 2 free concerts being held to celebrate the launch of Dial,'s latest wearable, and I am joined by the man himself, Will - Free concerts, how did you come up with that concept and why?

W: Well on the dial to experience music, the listener does not have to subscribe to music or pay, music is gifted by our wonderful AneedA, AneedA Is the operating system & the AI. It's a type of interface that you have conversations with.

AneedA is on the dial, you experience music just by talking to her. More importantly, you don't have to pay for music because AneedA paid for it, paid music is important when on a lot of these platforms, a lot of people aren't subscribers, so AneedA makes sure that everyone is a subscriber.

TB: Will it is a crowded space, wearable, obviously you've got Apple, you've got Samsung...

W: No, no, none of the products, they all need phones.

TB: How are you going to make this stand out then?

W: Right now we are the only non-tethered device, this here is the phone. Sim card here, I don't need anything but this.

TB: It's taken 4 years to create it Will, you've put a lot of time, energy and money into it, do you feel a pressure for it to succeed?

W: Well like anything you care about when you put it out in the world you... I mean all the hard work, it comes to fruition when it provides you know a new way for people to go out in the world and be at ease and when you're starting a company from scratch we don't have a big tech company behind us.

TB: What do you say to your competitors like Apple?

W: Apple is an inspiration, back when I was little Willy, I didn't see Michael Jackson as a competitor, he was Michael Jackson, so for you...Apple isn't a competitor, it's an inspiration.

TB: I just have to ask you, obviously because you are American, are you worried by the rise of Trump and by what's going to happen?

W: I think I'll probably be OK, because I'll move to London.

TB: Would you really?

W: Yeah, I think a lot of people will. But you know I have faith in the American public that you know we will do the right thing.

TB: And Will I think your audience needs you, so I'm going to have to say goodbye to you.

W: Doors are open, people are there.

TB: And they're all looking and saying I can't believe it, there's Will and he's meant to be on stage.

W: Well I got to go get changed, I'm not going to wear this don't worry about it guys.

TB: Will thank you so much for your time.

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