Ringer Chiropractic LLC. Addresses Spring Allergy Management With Chiropractic Care

TRACY, Calif., May 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spring allergy season is coming and allergy sufferers can turn to chiropractic treatment to address common spring allergies, reports Ringer Chiropractic. Patients at Ringer Chiropractic are surprised to learn about the changes they can make and the chiropractic treatment options available to produce allergy relief. Case studies and other research support the link between chiropractic care and reduction in spring allergy symptoms. Chiropractors acknowledge that a multi-modal approach can produce significant relief for allergy sufferers. Chiropractic treatment is an approach that addresses numerous issues within the systems of the body.

Research has found that immune and respiratory systems rely on normal communications from the brain and the spinal cord for control and coordination of proper function. Misalignments can result in an imbalance in the nervous system that can exacerbate or produce asthmatic and allergic symptoms. Hypersensitivity of the immune system or respiratory system can be addressed with targeted chiropractic treatment. A multi-disciplinary approach is recommended to treat spring allergies.

A patient presenting allergy symptoms will undergo a thorough evaluation that reviews their medical history, previous or current illnesses and injuries, habits and diet. Manual therapy may best work with a multi-modal approach to bring about satisfying relief. Suggested lifestyle and dietary changes can also help with producing significant results in allergy relief.

“Chiropractic treatment is an effective and gentle option for addressing spring allergies in eligible candidates,” said Dr. Ringer. “As an experienced chiropractor, I educate patients on how to adapt their lifestyle and habits to reduce allergy flare-ups and help them understand the role that proper alignment plays with the immune and respiratory systems of the body. Many people are simply unaware that subtle manipulations can reduce their discomfort and help the body properly address foreign substances, such as pollen and mold, which frequently make their presence known during the spring season. Patients are often surprised at the difference that a few adjustments can make. In addition, making changes to certain diet and lifestyle behaviors can help patients reduce their allergy-related discomfort. Ringer Chiropractic hopes to help all allergy sufferers feel their best this spring.”

Dr. Donald Ringer has been serving the residents of Tracy and Mountain House, Manteca, Lathrop and the surrounding San Joaquin County for over 20 years at Ringer Chiropractic. Dr. Ringer has been voted “Tracy’s Best Chiropractor” due to the combination of Dr. Ringer’s vast experience, training and unique approach to holistic patient care. Patients benefit from a combination of chiropractic care and complementary therapies offered at the practice, including manual medicine, physical therapy, massage, nutrition and exercise.

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