Your Money, Your Future
Your Money, Your Future

How to save money on your next vacation

Save money when booking a vacation

Ready for a quick getaway? Dreaming about your next vacation? Wouldn't it be great to save a few extra bucks on the flight or hotel stay?

Airline ticket prices will likely climb through the spring into the busy summer travel season, peaking in June at $240 for a typical round trip domestic flight, according to a new report from the mobile app company Hopper.

But, here's a little good news for travelers: Summer airfare will be the cheapest in about seven years. But knowing when to fly, when to buy and where to go can still save you a significant sum.

Here's what you need to know:

Fly midweek

Head out on a weekday rather than the weekend. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday departures are up to 25 percent cheaper than Thursday to Saturday.

Be flexible on dates

Avoid peak weeks in spring, summer and winter that coincide with school vacations.

Use your apps to monitor fares

Don't wait until the last minute. Booking less than two weeks in advance can add more than 30 percent to your ticket price.

Choose direct flights

Nonstop options generally are more competitively priced, and can be up to 10 percent cheaper than less-popular flights with stops.

Don't overlook air/hotel packages

You may find extra savings on upscale hotels through bundled packages that combine airfare and hotel stays. Luxury hotels often don't want a low room price attached to their names. By bundling with air, the hotel price is less transparent.