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Cramer: Secret to winning in a Fed sell-off

Cramer: Secret to winning in a Fed sell-off

Every time the market sells off because of the Federal Reserve, Jim Cramer cares more about what happens on day two than day one.

On day one of a Fed sell-off, everything goes down. But if a stock can rally on day two, that means it could have staying power for the long run.

"When we see this kind of day-two action, remember there are two kinds of companies that can rally. The ones like the banks that actually benefit from any rate hikes, and the ones like Apple or Amazon that are able to stay ahead of the anti-growth Fed posse," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer compared the uneven action to a seesaw that throws some stocks off, while allowing others to stay on for the ride. So, just because the Fed minutes said a rate hike in June is likely, that doesn't mean every stock is cursed.

day two rallies for these winning stocks have staying power as long as the money keeps pouring out of the losers.
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The first groups of winners were what Cramer referred to as "disrupters." Those are companies that are taking share while crushing the prospects of competitors. Particularly, Cramer added, if the company is helped by research or new data points.

In retail, Cramer pointed to companies that haven't been dominated by Amazon, such as Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrence or Lowe's.

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Money will also rotate to the banks. Cramer didn't think the banks had it in them to rally from the Fed talk, but it started happening on Tuesday when the chatter of three 2016 rate hikes began. Cramer interpreted that as a sign that the market thinks business will be able to hold up if rate hikes happen.

Additionally, Goldman Sachs upgraded Tesla to a buy on Wednesday. Cramer doesn't like how Tesla accounts for its sales, and he can't stand the hype surrounding it. He thinks Goldman is just as baffled as anyone else about whether Tesla will be able to make the cars to meet demand. The upgrade was timed nicely, as Tesla announced a $2 billion equity deal and Goldman is the lead underwriter for the share sale.

"There is no denying that Tesla is square in the midst of the millennial prestige factor, and therefore can get away with charging pretty much whatever it wants for its next line of cars," Cramer said.

High-growth pharma companies like Allergan will also get a lift because earnings power is not dependent on the Fed. Another stock that could rally is Apple, if it further develops its service-stream revenue.

"It's a mixed bag, but ultimately the day-two rallies for these winning stocks have staying power, because as long as the money keeps pouring out of the losers, portfolio managers need to put it somewhere," Cramer said. (Tweet This)

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