Poster of young Chinese couple on show at Times Square big screen

BEIJING, May 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A mood-filled poster of a young Chinese couple is displayed at the big screen of New York city’s Times Square on May 18, showing people their story of falling in love and fighting hardness in life.

The young love birds, Kong Zihao and Liu Mengqi, are the winner of a love show campaign launched across China by a popular mobile App named ‘Welove’, designed by Beijing Discovery Bay Technology Limited. The Beijing-based App is targeted to create a cozy relationship space for Chinese lovers, and up till now it claims already having more than 40 million registered users.

The campaign, launched from April 18 to May 10, was about participants uploading their coupling photos, writing their love stories and finally creating an on-live photo album at the Welove app space. Albums were then shared around on line and whoever got the most “thumbs up” numbers won.

In addition to a scenic cruise trip to Japan and South Korean, the winner was also rewarded with the shooting of a coupling poster which would be on display at the big digital screen of Times Square at New York on May 18.

“We consider it quite meaningful to show the world the life attitude of China’s new blooming 1990 generation, for almost half the number of this group, the young Chinese born between 1990 and 1995 namely, have already entered or are about to enter all sectors of Chinese society,” said Xu Wen, the Commercial Director of the App company.

“By live showing their coupling photos and life fighting stories, we would like to share with the world the stylistic feature of this emerging Chinese group, their love bonding stories, as well as their precious persistence of fighting the hardness in life,” she added.

The love show attracted about 600,000 Chinese mobile phone users to participate. The winner couple Kong Zihao and Liu Mengqi has been in love for two years, of whom Kong, used to be a basketball player and Liu, an independent costume designer, have already founded up their own clothing brand – “In March”.

“They won the campaign because of their elegant fashion taste elaborated in daily dressing styles as well as in online photo show, and their inspiring love story of always supporting each other in creating their fashion career and fighting through the life together,” Xu said.

Officially launched on line in 2013, Welove App company claims it has the biggest registered user number of more than 40 million, compared with other local similar app products, which has made it the most popular coupling app right now in China.

The delicately-designed application enables two lovers to build up their on line home together, make memorial day records, share with each other their ‘easy to write while hard to tell’ feelings.

They can grow a “love tree” or adopt a puppy or kitty on line, and they can also buy real stuffs as gifts for each other. Girls love the app a lot very likely because of a uniquely designed game, used whenever they get angry for their boyfriends and then they can always punish them by beating them online in the game.

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Source:Beijing Discovery Bay Technology Limited