Goldman leaders share what they would have done in their 20s


Whether you're graduating from college, finishing a master's degree or pursuing a new career path, there's nothing quite like the uncertainty of being a 20-something. Even the most successful business leaders can remember that.

In a new company blog post, a few Goldman Sachs workers shared advice—ranging from the basics of surviving business events to tips on speaking up about great ideas—they would give their younger selves if they were graduating today and just starting careers.

Be resilient

David Lang, head of Goldman Sachs' Salt Lake City office

"If I were graduating today, I would tell my younger self to recognize the path to success requires tremendous effort and resilience," Lang said.

"Put yourself in positive surroundings to enjoy what is going to be a long and challenging journey to achieve the goals you have set for yourself," he added.

Be indispensable

Esta Stecher, CEO of Goldman Sachs Bank USA

Stecher would tell her younger self "to become indispensable."

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She also shared concrete tips for business events: Hold drinks in your left hand to avoid clammy handshakes, wear name tags on the right so people can read your name during a handshake and repeat any names your learn back to the person immediately to try to remember them.

Think long term

Stephanie Hui, managing director of Goldman Sachs' merchant banking division in Hong Kong

Meanwhile Hui stressed the importance of being long term focused.

"If I were graduating today, I would readily speak up when I have a good idea and raise my hand to volunteer when I see a promising opportunity. I would put down my smartphone whether in work meetings or family dinners and give them my full attention," she added.

Photos courtesy of Goldman Sachs Careers Blog.