Chiropractic Techniques Improve Body Function with Personalized Care, Says Freedman Chiropractic Center, LLC

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J., May 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Freedman Chiropractic Center, LLC is raising awareness about the benefits of chiropractic care for drug-free pain relief and enhanced whole body health. East Brunswick chiropractor Dr. Ken Freedman works with patients who have sustained injuries, or who are struggling with chronic pain, and wish to improve their body’s ability to self-heal and recover naturally and more completely. Having taught chiropractic students at New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Freedman has a deep understanding of most chiropractic techniques, including Diversified Technique, Upper Cervical Specific, Gonstead Technique, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Thompson Technique, Erchonia Adjuster and Extremity Adjusting.

Dr. Ken Freedman specializes in helping patients who have misalignments of the spine that result in nerve interference, called the vertebral subluxation complex, or subluxations. These subluxations negatively impact the body’s ability to self-heal, resist injury and work strongly. “A subluxation in the spine increases the risk for patients to develop health problems, prolongs injury recovery times and contributes to chronic pain,” said Dr. Freedman. Adjusting subluxations helps the body heal naturally and reduces pain faster.

“With chiropractic care, there is no one-size-fits-all approach,” says Dr. Freedman. His chiropractic experience includes hands-on adjustments and gentle, low-force adjusting. “In my office, I can accommodate everyone based upon their individual preferences and clinical needs,” continues Dr. Freedman. “My experience with many different chiropractic techniques enables my patients to receive highly personalized treatment. Chiropractic care helps the body to heal itself, rather than relying on medication to mask symptoms like pain.” Dr. Freedman’s vast knowledge of a variety of chiropractic techniques allows him to care for newborns, senior citizens and everyone in between. His patients have even included Oscar nominated actors, Olympic and professional athletes in all areas of sport.

Dr. Freedman also specializes in checking and adjusting all of the joints of the body. “The alignment of one joint affects the alignment of all joints in the body’s kinetic chain,” says Dr. Freedman. Since he began his practice in 1979, nearly all chronic low back pain cases he has seen involved misalignment of the joints in the feet, knees or hips. It’s also common to see wrist, elbow and shoulder misalignments with patients suffering with chronic neck pain. Headache patients frequently have subluxation of the upper neck, but they can also have misalignment of the jaw joint. Instead of taking medications or going for expensive, time consuming physical therapy, Dr. Freedman’s patients receive adjustments for better total body function and improved healing. They move better with less pain, enjoy faster and more long lasting results at a lower cost, and live a more active, healthier lifestyle.

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