New CEO Thomas Doyle Drives Next-Wave Expansion at Reterro

LIVERMORE, Calif., May 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reterro, Inc., whose proven environmentally friendly remediation solution maximizes real-estate value by eliminating CVOC and hydrocarbon contamination from soil and ongoing waste streams, announced today that Thomas P. Doyle has joined the Company as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Doyle arrives at Reterro with a high-growth track record of converting vanguard technologies into market leadership throughout the domestic and international energy industry.

“Reterro’s unique on-site remediation technology allows us to remediate space-constrained, populated locations where public health and safety concerns preclude on-street trucking of contaminated materials,” Mr. Doyle said. “In non-attainment areas, our environmentally-friendly approach enables us to obtain air permits to operate – in stark contrast with the challenges facing traditional rotary kiln technologies. And unlike the dig-and-haul approach, we don’t simply relocate environmental liability; we eliminate it.”

Tom Doyle is the former President and CEO of NRG’s renewable energy business (NRG Renew) and an Executive Vice President at NRG Energy, the largest independent energy company in the United States. Under Mr. Doyle’s leadership, NRG Renew became one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world, with a wind and solar portfolio that exceeded 4,500 MWs.

Prior to running NRG Renew, Mr. Doyle was President and CEO of NRG Solar, a company he established in October 2009 when he joined NRG. NRG Solar, a first mover in the utility solar industry, became the nation’s largest solar company by 2013 from an equity ownership perspective. Mr. Doyle then expanded his team’s capabilities to become an industry leader in the high growth commercial and industrial sectors of the solar industry. These renewable assets ultimately became the foundation of the nation’s first publicly listed YieldCo (NYLD), which resulted in substantial market cap uplift to the NRG parent company.

“I thrived on leading the first-mover effort to build NRG’s renewable energy business,” Mr. Doyle said. “And now that same first-mover advantage exists for Reterro, an environmentally friendly soil remediation company. It’s an extraordinary transition to move from one of the pre-eminent companies cleaning the air to building one of the most innovative companies cleaning the earth.”

About Reterro

Reterro, Inc., provides the foremost compliant and curative green remediation solution for tens of thousands of locations worldwide that are government-mandated to clean ongoing hydrocarbon waste streams and undergo soil remediation for existing CVOC & hydrocarbon contaminated waste. Reterro is unsurpassed in mobility, cost-effectiveness and speed-to-completion, with a record of 100% certainty of efficacy. Uniquely effective in urban, populated and space-constrained environments in which health and safety restrictions prohibit competing technologies, Reterro is unrivaled in unlocking maximized real-estate value and economic vitality.

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