$1,000 for a Chewie mask? Viral sensation causes online frenzy

Chewbacca masks sell for $500 on eBay

If you want to be a "happy Chewbacca," it's going to cost you.

The electronic Wookie mask that sold out at several major toy chains because it was featured in a viral video is now fetching upward of $500 on eBay.

Consumers who were able to get their hands on the coveted toy have taken to the online auction site to sell it for quite a markup. Price tags range from $50 to $1,010 for the Chewbacca mask, and eBay customers are shelling out the cash.

One mask sold for $499 on the site over the weekend while another retailer has sold at least three masks in the last day for $119 each.

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The viral video, posted by Candace Payne on Facebook, has garnered more than 136 million views since it was posted Thursday afternoon. The clip features Payne laughing hysterically in her car while testing out a mask she purchased at Kohl's.

The mask sold out online at several other retailers, including Walmart, ToysRUs, Target and Amazon.

Social media users took to Twitter over the weekend to comment about Payne's video and the surging cost of the mask.

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Even Chewbacca himself had something to say:

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