Boats & Cycles Launches New Website to Advance Sales Opportunities

GLENDALE, Ariz., May 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If you’ve visited the Boats & Cycles classified website in the last few months, you may have noticed a slight change – the site got a major makeover! The site has implemented a much more appealing design as well as some major functionality feature improvements.

Homepage & Search Functionality
Website visitors are greeted with a fully interactive homepage. As always, visitors are able to click directly to view the types of units they are interested in – Boats, Personal Watercrafts, Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles, RVs/Campers, and Trailers are all easily accessible from the homepage. Within these categories, users can view featured units by sub-category, such as Yachts in the Boats category.

Past the category options, visitors have the ability to perform a more targeted search by state. This search is specific to unit type, year range, manufacturer, model, size, and price range. Visitors are also prompted to allow location tracking so that Boats & Cycles can instill geo-locating technology and automatically see units that are located nearby. With these kinds of custom search options and hundreds of thousands of units of inventory to choose from, any outdoor/sport enthusiast who visits the search engine portal can find something to their liking.

Benefits for Private Sellers & Dealers
As an independent company started by an outdoors enthusiast, Boats & Cycles offers benefits in listing and selling abilities that larger third party sites cannot. Both dealerships and private sellers can list inventory on Boats & Cycles, so there are options for everyone in terms of selling and buying. As a private seller, enjoy free listings and take advantage of the ability to include unlimited photos and text in your ad.

Dealers enjoy competitive pricing compared to similar sites such as CycleTrader, and at a flat rate for unlimited listings. Advertised dealerships also benefit from simple automated contact for pricing through Boats & Cycles’ software on selected units. Other handy features for Boats & Cycles’ dealers include a “See More” capability for similar units from the same dealership, an “Interest Generated” stat that is displayed on units to encourage quick action, dealer-branded contact forms, and a link back to the dealer’s website with each unit. For an additional cost, “Featured Dealer” slides are available that are shown on the website homepage as well as all internal pages that correspond to the visitor’s interest in unit types.

The benefits for dealers who utilize Boats & Cycles as a third party seller continue. Dealership pages have filtered searches to better help prospects find the exact units they want, as well as extra Call to Action buttons to encourage leads. The option to look at units in both grid and list views further enhance the shopping experience for potential customers.

Data Capabilities for Dealers
Boats & Cycles’ dealer clients can log into the backend user dashboard to monitor analytics at any time. This data reflects customer activity and actions to help understand what type of inventory is most successful. More detailed statistics on specific units as well a listing load amounts provide insight into exactly how well inventory is performing. Boats & Cycles’ dashboard also provides dealers with valuable information about times of the week and month that users search for units like theirs, and how often their units are selected compared to others that are similar.

This distinctive new website was built with both visitors and sellers in mind. The appealing design and innovative features in site functionality were intended to improve the customer’s shopping experience. Additionally, the new and improved features also create extra sale opportunities and advanced unit visibility for private sellers and dealers selling RVs, marine units, and powersports vehicles.

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Source: Boats & Cycles