Pebble's new watches top $1 million on Kickstarter

Pebble hits $1M crowdfunding goal soon after releasing gadgets

After releasing a fresh batch of smartwatches and fitness trackers, wearable company Pebble breezed past its $1 million Kickstarter goal within hours of its launch Tuesday morning.

Pebble's new wares include two smartwatches: the $99 heart rate-enabled Pebble 2 with a black and white e-paper display, and a premium $169 stainless steel Time 2 with a color display and a longer battery life. The watches now come with a bespoke Health app, according to the campaign's website.

Pebble smart watch.
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Also launching were two $69 devices called Pebble Core, described as a tiny Android computer that fits on a key chain. The standard Core device can let fitness junkies leave their phone at home and stream GPS or music from the small key chain instead. Another version, Core for Hackers, can be programmed to hail rides, track pets or pilot a drone, the company said.

Pebble has become known for its affordable products and impressive crowdfunding hauls. It set a Kickstarter record in 2012, surpassing $10 million raised, then topped that with $20 million last year. It's a dark horse that's been backed by early adopters in the wearables race, which also includes Apple Watch and Fitbit.

The campaign comes as Fitbit's shares have dropped 50 percent this year, as a study questioned the Fitbit device's accuracy. Pebble, which is privately owned, also made headlines in past years for reported problems in securing venture capital funding.

The Pebble devices launched Tuesday ship between September and January, depending on the product.