Malls boasting a Tesla shop generate more sales than their peers

Malls with Tesla store raking in higher sales

The 24 malls that list Tesla as a tenant average $940 in sales per square foot, compared to $835 for those without the carmaker in their directory, according to research by Green Street Advisors.

Tesla's correlation to high-performing malls mimics that of another star Silicon Valley tenant: Apple. A separate report issued by Goldman Sachs last year found that of the top 100 U.S. malls, 75 percent house an Apple.

Both Tesla and Apple sell in-demand products with high price tags, which helps drive their store productivity. As a result, the malls in which they reside experience similar success. However, it's worth noting that both retailers seek out locations in well-to-do centers and geographies, making it a bit of a "chicken versus the egg" scenario.

For instance, Tesla has locations in three of what Green Street has ranked as America's top 10 malls — The Village at Corte Madera and Century City, both in California, and Hawaii's Ala Moana Center.

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