The Power Brief

Snapchat Application
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A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-Stock futures are higher this morning after yesterday's flat close. New home sales come out at 10am.


-Snapchat is now valued as high as $22.7B in a new funding round.


-Crude prices are flat, but still below the $48/barrel level right now.

-Gasoline prices rose overnight to $2.29/gallon, national average.

-Newly released emails show that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supported fracking.


-Despite insisting that its "Trending Topics" feature is free of any political bias, Facebook is still announcing procedural and other changes to make it more fair.


-Hillary Clinton has refused an offer to debate Bernie Sanders in California. Sanders had accepted and he's criticizing Mrs. Clinton for declining.

-And now Sanders is warning that the Democratic convention could be "messy."

-Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is under FBI investigation for alleged illegal campaign donations. The big story is that the connections he made with the possibly illegal donors seem to have been a result of his time as a board member of the Clinton Foundation.

-The Clinton campaign is planning a battleground state media blitz with ads bashing Donald Trump's alleged profiting from the housing crisis and the bailouts for homeowners.


-IRS Chief John Koskinen will not appear at the House committee hearings today examining whether he should be impeached for allegedly obstructing the investigation into IRS targeting of conservative groups.


-Obamacare insurers will ask for steep 2017 rate hikes this week. The requests will include a call for 17% hikes in New York and 30% in Oregon.


-The TSA is replacing its chief of security in the wake of ever-slower security lines at airports.


-Coca-Cola has been forced to shut down operations in Venezuela due to lack of sugar.


-The family of the late baseball star Tony Gwynn is suing the tobacco industry for wrongful death.