Descartes Announces Results of Annual Shareholder Meeting

WATERLOO, Ontario, May 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Descartes Systems Group Inc. announced that the following matters, as set out in more detail in its Management Information Circular dated April 26, 2016, were considered and voted on by shareholders at the annual meeting of shareholders held on Thursday, May 26, 2016 in Cambridge, Ontario (the “Meeting”).

The total number of common shares of the Corporation represented in person or by proxy at the Meeting was 66,869,550 which represented 88.26% of the 75,762,184 common shares of the Corporation that were outstanding as of the Record Date for the Meeting, being, April 19, 2016.

Election of Directors
On a vote by ballot, each of the following 8 nominees proposed by management was elected as a director of Descartes:

Number of Votes Number of Votes Percentage of
Director NomineeFOR WITHHELD Total Votes FOR
David Anderson65,762,146 444,192 99.33%
David Beatson65,710,885 495,453 99.25%
Deborah Close66,185,133 21,205 99.97%
Eric Demirian65,198,907 1,007,431 98.48%
Christopher Hewat50,279,017 15,927,321 75.94%
Jane O’Hagan 65,721,064 485,274 99.27%
Edward Ryan66,124,889 81,449 99.88%
John Walker66,184,033 22,305 99.97%

Appointment of Auditors

KPMG LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants and Licensed Public Accountants, were appointed as the auditors of the Corporation until the close of the next annual meeting of shareholders or until their successors are appointed.

Number of Votes Number of Votes Percentage of
66,852,895 13,525 99.98%

Amendment and Restatement of Stock Option Plan

The amended and restated stock option plan of the Corporation was approved.

Number of Votes Number of Votes Percentage of
55,116,261 11,086,947 83.25%


The “Say-On-Pay” resolution proposed by management of the Corporation was approved.

Number of Votes Number of Votes Percentage of
62,976,730 3,226,478 95.13%

About Descartes
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Source:The Descartes Systems Group Inc.