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10 of the cheapest places to score a college degree

Brigham Young University

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10 cheap colleges

College tuition that costs less than $900 a month?

The costs of obtaining a university degree are high and getting higher: The average cost of tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year was $24,061 for an in-state public school and a whopping $47,831 for a private college, according to The soaring price of a university degree has sent parents and students scrambling for cheaper alternatives.

However, those whose parents aren't independently wealthy have low-cost options. Recently, U.S. News and World Report compiled a list of some of the cheapest U.S. institutions available in dollar terms. The following list uses the publication's data and lists them by their respective price tags.

— Posted by Cait Freda, special to
30 May 2016

Source: Brigham Young University