WealthIntel, Inc. Brands WitPay™ Its Intelligent Payment Method

LAS VEGAS, June 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WealthIntel, Inc. announced today that Trademark applications have been filed for WitPay™ to name its pioneering intelligent method of payment finance and social commerce operated and managed by GobblinQ™ ("GQ System"). WealthIntel has previously announced the acquisition of the GobblinQ™ System together with other IP from Scintilla Quantum LLC, subject to the closing of its A Round Offering.

GobblinQ™ has pending Patents filed in the USA and internationally by specialized Intellectual Property Law Firm Kenyon & Kenyon in New York under the supervision of Counsel James Rosini.

WealthIntel has recently engaged Christopher Johnson as its CTO to supervise and architect the beta development and testing of WitPay™.

Johnson has extensive knowledge in the Fintec sector with 21 years' experience which includes senior leadership positions at a fortune 25 bank, a Processor, and COO at a full vertical Fintec company.

"After viewing the elements of this endeavor, I realized that it could be a game changer in serving the public, potentially creating a new paradigm in the payment vertical. I am thrilled of being part of this project and feel it will set new parameters and perspectives in the market.”

"WealthIntel aims to craft and establish a pioneering payment method acceptable to the public at large," said Fabrizio Boccardi, CEO and Chairman of WealthIntel, Inc. "Christopher Johnson’s participation as CTO will be important in the Beta phase to architect and execute the unique key elements of our systems, products, and strategy.”

WealthIntel is proceeding with the fundraising of the A Round Offering which is expected to initiate during the summer.

Legion Capital America controlled by venture capital Investor Fabrizio Boccardi is providing seed capital to WealthIntel through the closing of the A Round Offering.

About WealthIntel, Inc.

WealthIntel, Inc. is an American development stage technology company that designs, develops, software and sells consumer products and services in the payment, finance, banking, e-commerce and m-commerce sectors.

About Legion Capital America, LLC.
Legion Capital America, LLC, is a venture capital firm focusing in early stage companies with groundbreaking products.

About Scintilla Quantum, LLC
Scintilla Quantum is owner of Proprietary software systems and IP, in payment, finance, and social commerce.


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