Restore Cryotherapy announces $1M seed round to test more consumer medical locations

AUSTIN, Texas, June 02, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Restore Cryotherapy today announced it had raised $1M to expand its existing footprint from 2 stores to 7 stores over the next 6 months.

In 2015 experienced entrepreneurs Jim Donnelly and Steve Welch opened two different concept stores to test taking whole body cryotherapy, IV drip therapy and oxygen therapy directly to the consumer in a retail store in high end shopping malls.

“The results of the first two concept stores have just blown us away,” stated co-founder and CEO Jim Donnelly who has founded other successful businesses including the travel technology company IgoUgo. “A year ago we never could have predicted that our existing locations would have been doing thousands of cryotherapy sessions per month and IV drip therapy,” Donnelly continued.

Developed in the 1970’s in Japan to help rheumatoid arthritis patients, whole body cryotherapy involves getting into a chamber at -240oF for up to 3 minutes. The process is a 100% natural and safe treatment. Cryotherapy helps to decrease inflammation, increase cellular survival, reduce pain and promote overall health. During a Cryotherapy treatment, blood rushes to the core as a survival mechanism in reaction to the sub-zero temperatures and blood becomes very oxygenated and nutrient-dense. Minutes after the treatment, blood rushes back through the body, removing toxins and inflammation and encourages natural healing. The net result is a reduction in pain and increased recovery.

“In a lot of ways we started this business because we were amazed at the benefits we were receiving from cryotherapy and we wanted to help bring the product to more people,” stated co-founder Steve Welch who is also the founder of Dreamit and Mitos. Welch continued, “It is clear that more consumers are taking their healthcare into their own hands and are being proactive and we believe we can create a consumer experience that truly improves the lives of our customers.”

Restore’s current locations are in Austin, Round Rock and Charlotte. They will be opening locations in Lakeway, TX, Houston, TX and an additional one in Charlotte, NC in the next month.

The investors in this round include mostly individuals in the medical profession but also some well known angel investors like Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo, and professional athletes like Jeff Foster.

“We really wanted to bring on investors that could bring value in other ways well beyond money. By bringing on investors with experience in everything from major medical practices, to retail, to SEO and consumer web we have all the pieces in place to help millions of people in this country reduce their pain and increase their overall well being,” added Donnelly.

About Restore Cryotherapy

Restore Cryotherapy is the leading cryotherapy service provider in the United States. Backed by hard science, Restore’s customers enjoy cryotherapy, drip IV therapy, compression therapy and other wellness services designed to reduce pain and recovery times. Working in concert these services increase the overall performance of the body.

Restore’s unique retail locations are the anti doctor's office. Each store provides an enjoyable yet quick in and out experience. The result - Restore customers have more energy, healthier living and a better life.

For more information contact: Jim Donnelly

Source: Restore Cryotherapy