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Joel Greenblatt on beating the market, Apple

Joel Greenblatt, Gotham Asset Management managing principal and co-CIO, sat down with CNBC's Kelly Evans for an in-depth interview about how he selects winning stocks, value investing and how to assess the market today. 

The hedge fund manager, whose annual returns in his first decade at Gotham in 1985 were in the tune of 50 percent, revealed how market participants can avoid value traps, along with his views on darlings stocks like Apple and Tesla

Other topics in this special Value Spark interview include: 

  • What "real" value investing means.
  • Value versus growth strategies.
  • The characteristics of successful fund managers.
  • High-frequency trading and whether it affects the little guy.
  • The market's trajectory over the past decades and the clues investors can learn from it. 
  • How to structure a portfolio in a long/short manner.