Chiropractic Family Health Center Offers Subluxation Correction for Long-Term Relief

AIEA, Hawaii, June 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many patients have a positive response to a correction-based approach in chiropractic treatment for sciatica, neck pain, back pain and chronic conditions, reports Chiropractic Family Health Center. Subluxation correction in Aiea focuses on proactive treatment in illness and injury prevention and looks to correct the problem rather than addressing symptoms as they arise. Patients treated with this approach at Chiropractic Family Health Center experience long-term relief with the restoration of proper spinal alignment. Chiropractic treatment lessens sciatica discomfort by reducing pressure on bulging discs and important nerves. Chiropractic Family Health Center offers complementary alternatives to provide patients natural and non-invasive long-term pain relief.

Recent studies demonstrate chiropractic treatment can produce positive results in sciatica patients and those experiencing neck pain and lower back pain. Subluxations are misalignment of the spinal column. The vertebrae cannot offer the body optimal support in a misaligned condition and extra pressure is placed on spinal nerves and supportive structures. This can lead to discomfort, radiating pain and reduced range of motion. This is the case in patients that suffer from sciatica. Irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve can lead to inflammation, intense lower back and neck pain and potential numbness.

The objectives of subluxation correction are to balance the bodies nervous system, which helps to decrease symptoms such as pain, muscle tension, emotional distress and asthma with proactive techniques to realign the spine. Subluxation correction is seen as an effective and safe form of treatment for sciatica and other conditions related to spinal misalignment. Subluxation correction, along with exercise and complementary therapies, can reduce pain for sciatica, increase range of motion and lead to improvements in physical performance.

“Rather than addressing symptoms as they arise, we focus on continual spinal alignment for optimal long-term health,” said Dr. Paul Kurihara, D.C. “As an experienced chiropractor, I find that subluxation correction and complementary therapies help patients experiencing sciatica symptoms and other chronic conditions have less pain, reduced inflammation and a decrease in nerve irritation. Subluxation corrections offer patients a natural and non-invasive way to improve function and ease of movement. This chiropractic adjustment can effectively assist those experiencing neck pain, back pain and sciatica.”

Dr. Paul Kurihara, D.C., Hawaii chiropractor, offers his subluxation correction expertise to the residents of Aiea, Pearl City and the surrounding communities. The Chiropractic Family Health Center focuses on helping each member feel and function better. Patients receive effective treatment for sciatica and spinal alignment problems with subluxation correction techniques and complementary therapies such as blueprint corrective exercises, nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice and spinal screening to address conditions at their source. Subluxation correction at Chiropractic Family Health Center addresses the causes of chronic conditions for long-term improvement of patient health.

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