Laurelhurst Chiropractic Now Offers Adjustments with Hill Automatic Flexion Table

PORTLAND, Ore., June 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Laurelhurst Chiropractic, a full-service chiropractic clinic in Portland, OR, has acquired the Hill Automatic Flexion Table and is promoting its use for chiropractic adjustments. The high-tech table is primarily used for flexion distraction, a specialized chiropractic technique that involves tearing conditions in the lumber spine, or lower back. Low back pain is an especially common complaint, so the practice's Portland chiropractors, Dr. Phil McCary and Dr. Danielle McCary, are excited to provide another treatment option for those who suffer from this all-too-common type of chronic pain.

"With the Hill Automatic Flexion Table, we have another way to provide relief for patients who suffer from various types of lumbar spine issues," said Dr. Phil McCary. "Our goal is to not only help them achieve pain-free living but to help them avoid invasive surgical procedures, prescription medications and other more extreme treatments," he added.

The Hill Automatic Flexion Table provides a safe, gentle, effective way for chiropractors to alleviate pressure from the spinal nerves and to increase spinal motion. While the patient lies on the table, the table distracts and flexes their spine in automatic, rhythmic motions. At the same time, the chiropractor performs manual adjustments based on specific regions of concern. The distraction and flexion that is produced by the table can help significantly with issues like disc bulges and herniations as well as other low-back problems. "The motions that are produced help to alleviate pressure on nearby spinal nerves," said Dr. Danielle McCary. "At the same time, it allows oxygen and nutrients to more easily access the discs, which aids in healing," she said.

The Portland chiropractors report that the vast majority of patients haven’t reported any issues with using the Automatic Flexion Table, and they actually enjoy it. "Many folks report feeling relaxed and comfortable during the procedure," said Dr. Phil McCary. "I've even had patients doze off in the midst of it. After, they typically report feeling a lot less discomfort in the lower back. With additional treatments, many chronic conditions can be effectively treated."

Patients who suffer from disc herniations, lumbar stenosis and other lower back issues are encouraged to undergo chiropractic treatments, and the Hill Automatic Flexion Table provides another approach for treating various conditions. Patients who come to Laurelhurst Chiropractic typically want relief from their pain, and they usually want to avoid invasive surgical procedures or reliance on prescription medications. "This table is just one tool in our arsenal," said Dr. Danielle McCary. "We customize treatment plans for all of our patients. We strive to help them achieve pain-free living in a natural, safe and effective way," she said.

Laurelhurst Chiropractic is located on Burnside Street in Portland, OR. Those who would like to schedule appointments may do so by calling (503) 234-4288. Additional information about their full range of services can be found at http://laurelhurstchiropractic.com/.

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