Surfside Chiropractic Center is Helping People Lose Weight and Feel Great

SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C., June 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As everyone knows, summer is here and everybody wants to look great. That’s why Surfside Chiropractic Center is letting people know about weight loss strategies that work in order to help people become “bikini and bathing suit ready” to show off this summer. Surfside Chiropractic is offering innovative weight loss services that have been shown to burn fat, increase muscle tone and keep weight off over the long-term.

The Benefits of Weight Loss

Extra weight doesn’t just affect one’s appearance, but it also increases the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes and stroke. Under the guidance of Pamela A. Simon, C.T., ACRRT., Sherry Daniels, C.A., and the rest of the Surfside Chiropractic Center team, patients can lower cholesterol, balance hormone levels, control blood sugar, lower blood pressure and assist the body with detoxification through a specially formulated weight loss program.

How Nutritional Cleansing Helps

Nutritional cleansing provided by the Surfside Chiropractic Center is a method designed to help patients lose weight and improve overall health. The nutritional cleansing approach seeks to address toxicity head on, which is a major cause of weight gain. This method uses a blend of minerals, cleansing herbs and other safe and specially formulated compounds that bind to toxins stored in fat cells. The toxins are then carried out of the body, thereby shrinking fat cells.

Surfside Chiropractic’s “Lose 9 Pounds in 9 Days” Program

With the Surfside Chiropractic Center's expertise, counseling and clear program, patients have lost 9 pounds in 9 days. Surfside Chiropractic offers health shakes designed to help patients burn fat while they reduce their caloric intake. This diet is controlled and offers a balance of whey protein with active enzymes that assist with protein absorption. This can help reduce the food cravings that lead to weight gain. Surfside Chiropractic also provides a variety of formulations to help with weight loss that include vitamins, fiber, minerals and probiotics.

The Surfside Chiropractic Center provides each individual a customized weight-loss plan that helps them meet their goals in a clear timeframe. Counseling and support is provided throughout the process to ensure patients lose weight as quickly as possible and keep it off.

“I’ve seen people come in with serious weight problems that have used our plan, health shakes and proprietary minerals to start reducing toxins and quickly shed pounds,” said Dr. Simon. “It’s always a joy to help people gain control of their lives, and weight loss is a huge part of that. Patients will be able to hit the beach, enjoy the summer, and feel comfortable with the way their body is improving.”

Surfside Chiropractic Center, located in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, provides holistic chiropractic care, trigger point therapy and comprehensive weight loss programs. For more information on their weight loss program, call (843) 215-2100 or visit http://surfsidechiropractic.com/.

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