White Oaks Veterinary Clinic Offers Pet Owners $35 Microchipping Special

EDMOND, Okla., June 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet parents want to make sure that their pets are safe at all times and microchipping is a simple procedure to provide pet owners with additional peace of mind, reports White Oaks Veterinary Clinic. Many responsible pet owners take steps to ensure they can find their pet should he or she wander away, is stolen or is lost during a storm. Responsible pet owners appreciate the microchipping services available at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic, which is now offering an exclusive microchipping special for the price of $35.

Microchipping is a good idea for all pets that are apt to wander or are indoor/outdoor pets. It is a simple procedure requiring no downtime. Each microchip contains a tiny radio transmitter and a pet’s ID number. A quick injection under the loose skin of a pet will give pet owners the additional information needed to find a beloved pet that is lost or stolen. Microchipping does not require surgery or anesthesia and is similar to a vaccination from the perspective of a pet. If a treasured pet ends up in an animal shelter, personnel use a scanner to detect the pet’s ID. When a match occurs, pet owners are contacted as to the pet’s location. Microchipping is simple, however injections must be supervised by a veterinarian that knows exactly where and how deep to inject the microchip.

“All responsible pet owners care for their pet and want to help them if they are lost, hurt or stolen,” said Dr. Jennifer Bianchi. “I can say our staff educates and assists pet owners in easily locating their pets and getting them the treatment that they need quickly. Microchipping is a great way to add an additional measure of security to pet ownership and provide a way to find a pet that could be hurt or unable to find its way home. Pets that are microchipped have their individual pet ID in a special registry and shelters can contact owners directly if there is a match in the database. In this way, locating your pet does not only rely on ID tags, which can be lost or removed, but uses technology to make finding your pet easier and get them back home.”

Dr. Jennifer Bianchi and Dr. Mark Bianchi, veterinarians at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic, serve owners and pets in Edmond, Piedmont, Bethany, Meridian, Jones and Choctaw. Their compassionate team of veterinarians and staff uses the latest technology and methods at their Edmond animal hospital. Services include acupuncture, spay and neutering services, pet dentistry, surgery, cardiology and radiology.

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