Colon Cancer in Young Adults is on the Rise with Approximately 14,000 New Diagnoses Each Year

WASHINGTON, June 6, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Colon cancer in young adults is rising at an alarming rate with nearly 14,000 diagnosed each year and of those cases, 15-50 percent of patients receive an initial misdiagnosis. It can strike anyone, from the avid fitness fanatic, to the young artist, the young mom, the accomplished professional or the athlete.

When caught early, colon cancer is treatable and beatable. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of young adults with colon cancer, diagnosis comes at a late stage. The ground-breaking video created by The Never Too Young Coalition teaches viewers that in order to catch the disease early, it is important to be proactive by:

• TALKING - to your family about your family history and finding out if colon cancer runs in your family.
• LISTENING - to your body and any change in bowel habits or abdominal discomfort.
• CHECKING - it out and seeing your doctor if you experience any symptoms.

With 1 in 7 colon cancer patients--a number that continues to rise--being diagnosed under age 50, The Never Too Young Coalition created Young Survivors Week to bring awareness to this often under-informed demographic. The goals of Young Survivors Week are:

• Bring attention to the issues facing young colon cancer survivors.
• Provide support by sharing stories and photos.
• Support research into young-onset colon cancer.
• Decrease in the number of late-stage diagnosis.

Watch the new video here and visit the Never Too Young Coalition Website at or the Coalition Facebook Page for more information. #nevertooyoung

The Never Too Young Coalition is a group of like-minded organizations and individuals united to take on young-onset colorectal cancer through action, education and research.

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Source:Colon Cancer Alliance