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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
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A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-Stock futures are slightly higher as investors continue to try to respond strategically to the disappointing May jobs report.

-60% of business economists believe anxiety over the election this year is a big reason for the slowing economy.

-Investors are eyeing a speech by Fed Chair Janet Yellen in Philadelphia today at 1230 Eastern.


-Crude prices are up about 1% and back at the $49/barrel level.

-Gasoline prices rose again to $2.35/gallon, national average.


-The California primary is tomorrow, but Bernie Sanders waited until yesterday to point out that the Clinton Foundation accepted money from dictators while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Some of those dictators later received State Dept. approvals for US arms deals.

-Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has an op-ed out today saying a Donald Trump election victory would be worse for the world economy than the UK leaving the EU.

-President Obama is going to be much more active on the campaign trail much earlier than most outgoing presidents.

-Matt Damon used his MIT graduation address to bash Wall Street, bash Donald Trump, and endorse Elizabeth Warren who he said was going to bring justice to Wall Street.


-Former London Mayor and Brexit supporter Boris Johnson says Jamie Dimon is wrong about the UK losing jobs if it leaves the EU.


-The US government is set to approve the first-ever privately funded mission to the Moon.

-Cadillac is looking to replace some of its dealerships with new locations that will swap inventory for virtual reality.


-The Swiss people voted against providing everyone in the country a guaranteed minimum income.


-Mark Zuckerberg had his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts hacked over the weekend.


-Raytheon has put together a series of upgrades for the Patton tank.