The Secret To A Woman’s Influence in Real Estate and Finance….How Does She Do It?

LOS ANGELES, June 09, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trixy Castro-Weiss, the daughter of Cuban immigrants, has helped change the way homes are sold in the USA. As a seasoned entrepreneur and executive, Trixy has founded multiple companies and is a recognized innovator in the real estate and mortgage finance industries. Trixy Castro-Weiss is the CEO, President, and Owner of Hudson & Marshall, a real estate disposition platform that is part of the evolving online auction space, and one of the country’s premier real estate auction companies. She is also the Founder and Chairman of Genesis Capital, LLC, a private lending company, which has extensive investment capital from one of the top global asset management firms specializing in alternative investment strategies. Trixy also has been recognized by numerous national associations and publications for her success, including once again this month as HousingWire’s 2016 Rising Star.

“Creating companies is my form of art” - Trixy Castro-Weiss

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How does Trixy do it? With persistence, but with a woman’s charm and grace. She is a connector of people and ideas, an entrepreneur, and a mentor who is trying to help break the barrier for women in business. As Trixy says, “It all began at the tender age of five years old while playing the game of Monopoly. I not only wanted to be the banker, but I wanted to be the realtor too.” Her Cuban parents were also influential. They instilled in their children to work hard, have integrity, and pursue the ‘American Dream’.

Trixy began her career in real estate and finance by working at Wells Fargo during her college years. She ultimately worked with private clients and learned about real estate where she noticed a niche in the fix and flip market. She studied the finance lending carried out by the banks in underwriting loans which were long term and observed a lack of lending models for private equity funds on a short term basis. Trixy left Wells Fargo to build her own companies, but kept her close relationships with the bank.

Trixy created a proprietary asset underwriting platform with fractionalized lending and risk analysis models. This eventually became the basis for the Genesis Capital platform lending business she established in 2007, which provides short term bridge loans to qualified investors with expertise.

Trixy grew concerned with the rapid rise in real estate values and individuals qualifying for loans they should not have, especially in the Latin community she was servicing. She saw homes being foreclosed and trustee sales being held daily at the courthouses. Those with cash were able to buy up properties at a deep discount and those with the monies had the means to physically inspect the properties before purchasing to determine their true value. Her goal was to even out the playing field for the average mom and pop and provide a solution to the problem.

Trixy saw the need for revolutionizing a new way for the disposition of distressed single family homes where the data of information would be openly available. She created Genesis Auctions in 2011, an online auction platform. In 2015, Genesis Auctions merged with Hudson & Marshall and is now the second largest independent real estate marketplace in the nation.

By focusing on providing financing and real estate solutions through her companies, Hudson & Marshall and Genesis Capital, Trixy Castro-Weiss has been successful in changing the way America’s leading banks, government agencies, government sponsored enterprises, and private equity/hedge funds, finance and sell real estate assets.

About the Companies:

Hudson & Marshall

Hudson & Marshall, LLC provides a full suite of real estate auction (online and live auction) and offers a wide variety of property types for sale across these multiple auction platforms. Privately held, Hudson & Marshall is headquartered in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA.

Genesis Capital is a specialty, private lender providing commercial bridge debt to highly qualified and experienced professional investors active in distressed single family residential real estate. Privately held, Genesis Capital is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

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