Dassault Aviation buys back 5.5% of its share capital

SAINT-CLOUD, France, June 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Airbus Group completed today the sale to institutional investors, through a private placement, of 0.83 million shares of Dassault Aviation corresponding to 9.0% of the company's share capital at a price of 950 euros per share and the simultaneous issuance of bonds exchangeable into Dassault Aviation shares.

Dassault Aviation acquired, simultaneously to this placement, 502,282 of its own shares corresponding to 5.5% of its share capital at a price of 950 euros per share, i.e. for a total amount of 477 million euros.

Following this acquisition and the private placement made by Airbus Group, the shareholding of Dassault Aviation results as follows:

Before Operation After Operation
million of shares % Capital

% voting rights
million of shares % Capital % voting rights (estimate)
GIMD 5.1 56.1% 64.7% 5.1 56.1% 72.3%
AIRBUS 2.2 23.6% 26.1% 0.8 9.0% 11.7%
FREE FLOAT 1.4 15.8% 9.2% 2.3 24.9% 16.0%
DASSAULT AVIATION 0.4 4.5% 0% 0.9 10.0% 0%
TOTAL 9.1 100.0% 100.0% 9.1 100.0% 100.0%

The Board of Directors of Dassault Aviation decided to allocate these acquired shares to the objective of cancellation, which cannot occur before 23 December 2016.

Following this operation and in case of exchange of the bonds or exercise of its Share redemption option, Airbus Group will no longer hold any of Dassault Aviation shares and voting rights.

Dassault Aviation is proud of the success of this placement and of the increase in its free float. Dassault Aviation thanks new investors for their trust in the Company.

About Dassault Aviation:

With more than 8,000 military and civil aircraft delivered to more than 90 countries over the past 60 years, and having logged nearly 28 million flight hours to date, Dassault Aviation can offer recognized know-how and experience in the design, development, sale and support of all types of aircraft, from the Rafale fighter to the Falcon range of high-end business jets, as well as military unmanned air systems. In 2015, Dassault Aviation reported revenues of €4.20 billion. The company has almost 12,000 employees. In 2016, Dassault Aviation is celebrating the first centennial of its history, which started in 1916 with Marcel Dassault and the Éclair propeller.
Twitter: @Dassault_OnAir

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