Personal Eyes Offers Corneal Topography for Ortho-K Patients Requiring Hard-to-Fit Contacts

PAOLI, Pa., June 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Optometrist Personal Eyes, LLC would like to inform the public about their corneal topography and orthokeratology (Ortho-K) services offered as a solution for those who require hard-to-fit contacts. Personal Eyes provides premier eye care to Pennsylvania residents in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia, Berks and Lancaster counties.

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, refers to a modification of the corneal contour. Ortho-K patients often require very unique contact lenses to fit their corneal shape. Computerized corneal topography is extremely helpful for those who need hard-to-fit contacts.

Personal Eyes optometrist Dr. Marie Homa-Palladino O.D., Orthokeratologist uses the latest technology to accurately map the eye for an ideal fit for custom contacts. The state of the art Medmont machine E300 Corneal Topographer is used to facilitate an optimal fit. The Medmont E300 is considered the gold standard in the fitting of specialty contact lenses throughout the world. It is known for its high degree of precision and has a tiny standard deviation of error of fewer than two microns. It is also the only such machine that can map the entire cornea.

Corneal topography assists clients requiring hard-to-fit contacts in connecting with ideal custom eyewear to support their specialized vision needs. The Paoli optometry clinic uses innovative technology to accurately scan and map the eye. Contacts that don’t stay in place or that cause persistent irritation need to be addressed. There are a number of conditions that could contribute to this discomfort, including dry eyes, astigmatism and presbyopia. After completing an eye exam, which includes the use of corneal topography, a unique lens can be custom-fitted for the patient, ridding them of irritation. Patients often find relief from the use of alternatives such as multifocal lenses, medicated eye drops or scleral contact lenses.

“Corneal topography assists our Ortho-K clients in improving their vision with a more comfortable and accurate contact lens fit,” says Dr. Marie Homa-Palladino. “As an experienced orthokeratologist, I strive to use the latest technology to accurately facilitate corneal mapping. The Medmont E300 provides the precision and accuracy required to better assist patients who have a hard-to-fit contact lens prescription.”

Custom eyewear is essential for Ortho-K patients, and the Paoli clinic is devoted to optimizing vision and eye health for all patients. High-quality optometry services and a comfortable setting are priorities. Personal Eyes also partners with area specialists to provide focused care for specific conditions.

Dr. Marie Homa-Palladino O.D., Orthokeratologist and the Personal Eyes staff serve the areas of Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia, Berks and Lancaster counties. Patients benefit from the extensive experience, proven technology and compassionate care at Personal Eyes.

Personal Eyes is located in Suite #2 at 1776 East Lancaster Avenue in Paoli, Pennsylvania. Those who would like to learn more about corneal topography and Ortho-K may do so by calling (610) 647-2502. More information is also available at the website at http://www.personal-eyes.net/.

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