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Cramer: The only high-yield mortgage REIT that I will bless

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Wells Fargo: "My charitable trust owns Wells Fargo, it's the biggest bank position we have. We don't like the bank stocks in particular, but we don't like the fossil fuels either. Wells Fargo yields more than 3 percent and I'm going to stick by it. The trust is going to buy more probably at $45, we'll discuss it tomorrow on our conference call."

CF Industries Holdings: "Wow, I'm not a fertilizer fan by any means. I've got to tell you, I think that group is really glutted. The one we have been recommending in the ag space is Agco, and not really pushing that very hard. I wish I could be more bullish but I can't be."

Annaly Capital Managment: "I have been blessing that one lately. I think that they have really done a lot of things right. It's really only one of the high-yield mortgage REITs that I really feel like is doing the right thing."

NGL Energy Partners: "I'm getting a little bit more bullish on that after reading something from RBN this morning, which indicates that the natural gas liquids are doing a little bit better. With an 8 percent yield, let's not overstay our welcome. I am concerned about next week's verdict in the Energy Transfer Enterprises and Williams battle that is going on at the Chancery Court. That could hurt all those stocks. Wait until next week."

Exelixis: "We caught a double in that, and I'm thrilled but I tell you I'm not leaving it. I think Exelixis has more upside."

Boeing: "Boeing I am on the fence with right now. I tell you, if you want aerospace why not buy Honeywell? Why do we need to have Boeing?"

GoPro: "No, it's still too early to buy GoPro. They've got to get their mojo back, and they don't have it."

AIG: "I'm nervous about AIG ... I've got to see them get out of these hedge funds. I'm worried about the long-term care position, and by the way, I think Chubb is a much better acting stock that I think has it together. And AIG, I need to see a little more cleanup."

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