ALEN, Inc. is Helping All Lives Matter by Harnessing Big Data

MOBILE, Ala., June 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ALEN’s flagship software as a service (SaaS) products, the S.I.M.S. Mobile CJIS System and their Record Management System (RMS), harness connectivity, big data, and advanced analytics to not only keep officers safe, but also provide valuable statistical information to law enforcement decision makers and their served communities.

The S.I.M.S. System quickly delivers critical information to officers in the field, vastly increasing their situational awareness by triggering audio and visual alerts when an individual reviewed in the system poses a threat or is connected to critical information the officer should be aware of prior to engagement.

Currently the majority of systems officers rely on are limited and antiquated, delivering little more than screens of text - similar to the old Microsoft DOS screens of decades ago. The S.I.M.S. System features a contemporary design, delivering information in an approachable user interface and is curated for the most expedient digestion of the material in a logical manner, which provides an engaging and more effective user experience.

With the ALEN RMS System, law enforcement decision makers are capable of configuring filters and control groups to monitor trends in specific geographical location, criminal activity, and behavioral patterns of their own personnel. Sheriffs, Police Commissioners, Police Chiefs, Superintendents, and other decision makers have a more comprehensive overview of the world in which their officers function thanks to ALEN’s RMS System.

Members of a community may feel unfairly targeted by police, but the data this RMS system reveals may bring to light that the area in question objectively has a high percentage of a minority group and / or a high crime rate. The perceived targeting of individuals is the result of the reality of the situation, which necessitates an increased police presence and is not a racially motivated persecution as backed up by hard facts and informative figures. This anonymous statistical data can be shared with media outlets and communities, building a powerful bridge of transparency, enabling a restoration of goodwill with the community, and creates a safer environment for officers and the public as a whole.

In addition to providing data focused on the communities being served, ALEN’s next-generation RMS technology also provides decision makers with the information necessary to properly coach their officers and correct undesirable behavior before a critical event occurs. The system can be configured to highlight undesirable trends of their personnel allowing the individual to get the help they may need and allow the law enforcement agency to maintain the cooperation of an effective, equitable social contract with the community.

ALEN’s Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) and Mutual Aid Messaging System has helped hundreds of precincts across the country as well. The AVL features a host of tools related to agency vehicles which informs greater situational awareness, improves officer safety, results in better response time, and helps in accounting of engagements. The Mutual Aid Messaging System provides for lightning fast, secure, cross-agency communication, and information sharing, ensuring the most recent situation is realized, no matter the locality or jurisdiction. When a massive crisis or domestic terror situation arises, the two most important factors in short supply are time and information. ALEN’s Mutual Aid Messaging System can compensate for the limits of time by ensuring a more comprehensive picture is shared in real-time, reducing inconsistencies, and keeping their officers as safe as can be, moment-to-moment.

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Source:ALEN, Inc.