Investors will have to wait until at least 2017 to buy mainland Chinese shares

China's MSCI moment

China could get a confidence boost Tuesday evening, if major stock index firm MSCI decides to include Chinese-mainland listed "A shares" in its emerging markets index. The announcement is expected at 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

Joel Wells, portfolio manager at Alpine Funds, told CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Tuesday that the market may not see an immediate reaction.

"I don't think that, at the current moment, that this is really an actionable or tradable event," Wells said, adding that a potential inclusion wouldn't be implemented until June 2017. "Markets will have a year to digest what's going on in China."

Tim Seymour, managing partner at Triogem Asset Management, told "Power Lunch" on Tuesday that he doesn't expect China to get full inclusion.

"I think they will get the nod. I think there will be a partial inclusion. It'll be probably 5 percent of the investable market cap-related free float. For EM investors that are tracking the index, that's probably $18 billion to $20 billion over the next year or so," Seymour said.

The "Fast Money" contributor said, however, that he doesn't think this announcement "is as big of a deal as it was last year, even though China's always what we are watching."

Wells said, however, that there would certainly have to be an adjustment.

"It's not going to be easy. They're going to have to get acquainted with different accounting standards, different currencies. They're going to have to learn Mandarin, because most of the financial statements that these companies have are not in English," he said, adding that a year is "ample time for the markets to digest what they can do and look for opportunities."