3D & 4D Technology Industry 2016: Market Trends, Analysis, Insights, Segments, Size, Companies Profiles, Research, Growth and Forecast to 2021

Brooklyn, NY , June 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This report provides an in-depth overview of the 3D and 4D technology markets, including its definition, specifications, applications, and classifications. It also contains an industry policy analysis, news analysis, and chain structure. The market analysis comprises an overview of the development status of regional market, competitive landscape analysis, and development history.

The report comprises a section containing the manufacturing cost structure analysis of the 3D & 4D Technology Market, including the raw material suppliers and price analysis, the equipment suppliers and price analysis, labor cost analysis, and other cost analysis.

The technical data and manufacturing plants analysis of 3D and 4D technologies are presented, comprising the capacity of commercial production data of the major manufacturers in 2015, the distribution, R&D status, and raw materials source analysis.

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3D technology enhances the viewer’s illusion of the perception of depth. 4D technology combines 3D plus the dimension of time. 4D videos or films include the simulation of environmental occurrences based on what is being projected. Wind effect, rain, water, jet effects, smoke, lightening, vibration, and air bubble effects are some of the examples of a 4D cinematic experience that viewers can feel.

The 3D and 4D technology has gained momentum recently and is widely used in the entertainment industry. While 3D and 4D technology was earlier costly and thus confined to the entertainment and gaming industry, it has now become a technology that is being extensively utilized in a wide range of applications. Moreover, 3D televisions and smart phones have become the next big trend, thus benefitting the global 3D and 4D technology market.

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One of the factors contributing to the growth of the 3D and 4D technology market is the booming entertainment and gaming industries. A drop in the cost of 3D printers is boosting the adoption of printers in the government and educational sectors. The rising demand for 3D movies is boosting the 3D and 4D technology market. Likewise, the use of 3D and 4D technology in navigation technology is also driving the market to newer heights.

The report profiles some of the major operators in the global 3D and 4D technology market for the purpose of a detailed understanding of the challenges faced while competing within the market. The study of the leading players also helps readers in understanding the key strategies implemented by the players. The companies included in the study are: Samsung Electronics Co., Sony Corporation, Google Inc., Hexagon Ab, Autodesk, Dassaults Systmes SA, Faro Technologies, 3D Systems Corporation, Qualisys Ab, Stratasys Ltd., Cognex Corporation, Dreamworks Animation SKG, Vicon Motion Capture Systems, Barco N.V., and Dolby Laboratories.

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