Diet Doc Announces How Dieting for a Year Can Lead to Long Term Weight Loss

PHOENIX, Ariz., June 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diet Doc Announces How Dieting for a Year Can Lead to Long Term Weight Loss

A common sentiment that dieters have towards a diet plan is that most are too long. Unfortunately, while weight gain can occur very quickly, weight loss takes much more time and effort. Health experts recommend losing less than 20 pounds per month in order to maintain a healthy body and internal organ function. For many, weight loss occurring at that rate can seriously wear on the dieter's mental fortitude, causing most to abandon their diet plan before adequate weight has been lost.
Diet Doc has introduced long term diet plans that keep dieters interested, and result in fewer instances of diet abandonment, leading to better long term weight loss.
Experts have recently revealed how dieting for at least one year can help dieters maintain weight loss longer, and in some cases, indefinitely. The concept of dieting for a year works in several ways. First, a long term diet, as long as it remains effective, allows dieters to lose more overall weight. In addition, dieting for a year helps the dieter to break poor habits like overeating, snacking between meals, and unhealthy meal selection, ultimately leading the dieter to follow a strict regimen long enough to adopt new, more healthy habits.
Diet Doc offers a long term medical weight loss plan to help clients break a lifetime of poor habits, utilizing a few key features including:

  • Safe diet plans that can be followed during weight loss, and long after weight loss goals have been achieved.
  • Doctor supervised medical weight loss
  • Nutritionist designed meal plans
  • Prescription diet aids delivered to the client's door.
  • Unlimited consultations with expert staff for up to a year after completing the diet plan.

The Diet Doc diet plans are individually designed around individual patient need, with close attention being paid to personal strengths and weaknesses. In addition to doctor supervision and nutritionist designed meal plans, only the Diet Doc diet plan allow dieters to diet for a year without side effects. The company's expert staff prescribes effective, safe diet aids to keep the body burning calories.
Diet Doc's medical weight loss plans use safe and effective prescription diet aids, like Low Dose Naltrexone, found to help produce fast weight loss in a few distinct ways. First, LDN helps to curb appetite, reducing between meal snacking and overeating. Secondly, when used under Diet Doc's medical supervision, LDN has been found to help with the following:

  • Increases natural endorphins, dopamine
  • Improved effects on mood, well-being
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Increases sex drive
  • Safe to use long term
  • First improvement is in mood / sense of wellbeing

Interested dieters can simply contact the company via their toll free telephone number, or via website at to schedule a free consultation with one of Diet Doc's licensed doctors.
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